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Oct 8, 2017
Hey! Glad you have gotten out climb those routes. They definitely suffer from what you have described. I ha… View Comment
Dec 25, 2016
Nelson! You went back and did it nice! Can't wait to get on this in the spring! View Comment
May 1, 2015
Great endurance test-piece! View Comment
May 1, 2015
This route is much harder than 12d I think. It would be stiff for 13a! Still, it is a amazing route! View Comment
Jun 16, 2014
Blodgett canyon is amazing i cant believe more people dont climb this area more. Im there every week and i… View Comment
Jul 13, 2013
I was at sickbay last night and saw that the red tag is no longer there. has it been sent and is it ok for… View Comment
Jul 1, 2013
The last pitch of bodhisatva is contrived, runout at the top, and just plain bad. Would not recommend. View Comment