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Jul 8, 2019
Note that while these routes are divided left-right, many of them start more than one pitch up. The easies… View Comment
Jul 8, 2019
P2 seemed hard to me with numerous scars and delicate flakes. I can imagine it getting much harder after m… View Comment
Jul 2, 2019
I've never been on a more continuous crack with such tricky gear. If you want to, you can sew this climb u… View Comment
Oct 22, 2017
This is the kind of 5.9R that you should feel comfortable free-soloing hard 5.9. At least, the way my part… View Comment
Sep 6, 2017
Climbed there last week and did not spot any nesting cormorants, but HOLY COW was there a lot of shit on th… View Comment
Jun 26, 2017
Enjoyable hands and fists crack, with interesting variation. I'd bring a #4 if you have it. View Comment
Mar 22, 2017
As a budding 5.10 leader, I found the first pitch protected fine with doubles of C4s. I'd climb it wit… View Comment
Mar 16, 2017
I found the last pitch quite runout and very different character from the first two pitches. You go from s… View Comment
Mar 10, 2017
There's a rogue mixed line to the left of Solar Flare now that helps with the rappel. Also, I climbed… View Comment
Nov 10, 2016
BTW, I was unable to find a place for a #5 on this route. Maybe you could sneak it in somewhere but really… View Comment
Apr 27, 2016
Hate to be that-guy but I found this route a bit on the dangerous side. The third bolt requires a gymnasti… View Comment
Apr 27, 2016
Link with After Eight gets my 4 star rating. Really really good. The linkup top-ropes with a 70m. View Comment
Apr 21, 2016
We took the above posters advice and topped out on a sandy P6 that climbed around 5.6 and protected mostly… View Comment
May 13, 2015
I believe Geronimo has it's own anchor View Comment
Apr 13, 2015
Great climb, if not a bit scary! I'm a Medium-level 5.7 leader. I had no trouble leading Birdland or Bi… View Comment
Feb 23, 2015
This is the safest way to ascend the top, and provides access to toprope all the anchors to the left of thi… View Comment
Jun 10, 2014
Be sure to inspect the tat at the top. At the time of this writing, the upper tree cluster had a hollow ra… View Comment
Apr 15, 2014
I wouldn't call the first pitch runout. The bolt spacing increases after the 4th bolt, but it's a fairly s… View Comment
Nov 3, 2013
Great climb, but there's a pretty sizable column of rock that doesn't have much attaching it to the wall.… View Comment
Oct 23, 2013
We approached from the right into the rotten corner up to the bush/tree with tat. I do not recommend this,… View Comment
Sep 24, 2013
This shares an anchor with, and is a nice toprope after leading the easier 5.9 The Wet Kiss. View Comment
Jul 17, 2013
I went too far on the first pitch and belayed in the top of the right gulley at the top of the wide crack,… View Comment
Jul 9, 2013
The anchor for this is easily accessed by climbing up from Chupacabras. We found this climb to be an excel… View Comment
Jun 3, 2013
such a fun climb to be kinda ruined by the disgusting magnitude of shit smeared all over it View Comment
Apr 30, 2013
The start can be protected ok with just a .5 and a #3. I threw in a #4 as well but it was a bit tipped out… View Comment
Nov 11, 2012
Got on this route while trying to climb Visionaries and loved it. Rapped the route with one 60m. If you w… View Comment
Nov 11, 2012
The first pitch has a fork after the first two bolts. Going right will get you to the base of P2. Going l… View Comment
Oct 4, 2012
If you extend your anchor to hang down below the prow, you'll get zero rope drag on toprope and lowering.… View Comment
Sep 30, 2012
It's just new. Don't worry, before long it will be polished all to hell like Rockapella. For now, it's an… View Comment
Sep 27, 2012
I'm 6'2" 195lbs, and tackled the bottom with enough thrashing to churn butter, desperately cranking on the… View Comment
Sep 27, 2012
Note that even the shortest of people can get to the first hold by tugging on the first bolt. I did it to… View Comment
Sep 20, 2012
Ok, I took the warning out of the description. Just a note that around the time of this comment, I pulled… View Comment
Sep 13, 2012
Looks like the lat/long has been fixed. The directions given are a bit complex. I just took Camp Rock R… View Comment
Sep 12, 2012
Just to add some clarification on where the climbs are. When you hike up from 29th street, the first wall… View Comment
Sep 12, 2012
I wouldn't really call the Utahnics wall approach line a 4th class climb. Seemed like 5.2 to me. Not the… View Comment
Sep 1, 2012
Note that you can climb up Raindance and then walk over to this climb's anchors to rappel and toprope. View Comment