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Sep 7, 2010
Hiked up to the area today and saw unequivocally that the route Chris and I did was virtually the same as S… View Comment
Jul 7, 2010
There is a fifth route to the right of Toe Curl. It is said to be 5.6 and has plenty of bolts, although one… View Comment
Jun 29, 2010
Climbed this today with Matt Reeser, who lead everything but the first pitch which we broke into two on a g… View Comment
Jun 24, 2010
Representative of Eldorado climbing in general, but the grade seems a bit off as this is easier than the fi… View Comment
Jun 21, 2010
Who's in charge here?? View Comment
Jun 21, 2010
Since I climbed this with Brian (comment above), I'm a bit reluctant to say that I struggled on this first… View Comment
Sep 15, 2009
Wondering why I couldn't locate this route in these pages, I finally found it with the current improbable s… View Comment
Aug 31, 2009
This is definitely not the route Chris and I did! We were well right of this, and there were no similar cra… View Comment
Aug 31, 2009
P.S. Jim Erickson has the route description but not the rating (my fault) right in Rocky Heights, 1980. I'd… View Comment
Aug 31, 2009
Art Higby and I did the FFA in 1973 View Comment
Aug 28, 2009
Thanks Kevin. I've sent a PM regarding the bolts. View Comment
Aug 28, 2009
This was first ascent was soloed by me, as Jim Michael and Chris Reveley can attest. Date uncertain. View Comment
Aug 25, 2009
I'm thinking Jim Michael and Dan Hare did the first ascent at roughly the same time as Xanadu was put up. :) View Comment
May 12, 2009
Please check your spelling of my last name. And it was Bob Hritz, not Chris Reveley completing the foursome. View Comment