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Apr 28, 2017
The protection bolt and one anchor bolt were a bit wobbly. If I was qualified to replace them, I would. Any… View Comment
Feb 12, 2016
any idea what condition the bolts are in? View Comment
Oct 23, 2015
At first I thought this was a shot of an enormous lead fall lol. View Comment
Jul 10, 2015
Place a large hex at the lip end to end (not camming mode).. the rope will run smoothly over the hex and pr… View Comment
Mar 30, 2015
Absolute BAMF right there View Comment
Mar 10, 2015
The golden age of climbing is definitely gone now. View Comment
Feb 9, 2015
Well done, Tristan! I love to see ppl gettin after OW. View Comment
Jan 2, 2015
Before heading to El Chalten, bring lots of cash or a debit card with the "chip" (whatever the "chip is)..… View Comment
Feb 18, 2014
hell yeah! I love seeing people get after it on OW. Surprises me why people seem to avoid it - it's so fu… View Comment
Feb 9, 2014
nice shot btw - the "magic hour" at the creek lives up to it's name View Comment
Feb 9, 2014
whenever a pic of this pitch comes up, I shudder - BOB me a knot that ran the entire length of the right si… View Comment
Feb 9, 2014
i can't imagine wearing a puffy on that pitch View Comment
Jan 26, 2014
We brought two brands of peckers (BD and ... moser?). The "moser?" peckers had a curve in the spine which… View Comment
Jan 26, 2014
wow... not sure I would have been able to keep smiling if I took that fall. Anyways, nice job trying to do… View Comment
Sep 7, 2013
pretty lookin' pitch. Looks kinda desperate on thin gear. View Comment
Jan 22, 2013
(shutter).. I gave myself the most insane knot in my back after climbing this one. Definitely warm up first View Comment
Jun 29, 2012
yeah, I'm pretty sure unless someone was up there before 7/5/08. Great route either way. Lots of potentia… View Comment
Jun 14, 2012
multiple variations on TC necessitate different sized racks.. and of these variations, different conditions… View Comment
May 18, 2012
haha! View Comment
Mar 17, 2012
LoI i know the feeling! Make sure u have a battle axe for the imbred zombies while taking shortcuts in Utah! View Comment
Feb 16, 2012
i haven't done much heavily corniced ridge climbing, but the tracks out on that cornice look scary to me.… View Comment
Feb 14, 2012
that looks super fun! i suddenly miss rock climbing View Comment
Feb 14, 2012
This wall is AWESOME. It's been a few years, but I remember multiple awesome days on this wall. Thanks fo… View Comment
Oct 5, 2011
I'm not a badass free climber or anything and we got it done in 4.5 hrs base to summit with a bit of simulc… View Comment
Sep 6, 2011
looks very steep View Comment
Dec 30, 2010
Below the Lower Saddle on 'the moraine'. My first trip into the mountains and super humbling and education… View Comment
Nov 22, 2010
eek! View Comment
Sep 27, 2010
holy mother of god View Comment
Sep 16, 2010
i read some posts about the 5.9 squeeze chimney being the crux. I climbed the route yesterday and found al… View Comment
Sep 8, 2010
that looks like an awesome pitch!! View Comment
Apr 25, 2010
that look FUN! View Comment
Apr 8, 2010
i can see how this was a wee a bit concerning View Comment
Apr 7, 2010
a bit phallic eh? View Comment
Nov 13, 2009
thanks! View Comment
Aug 23, 2009
HEADS UP for anyone using Supertopo on Pos Vibes / Sun Spot... McNamara is usually right on with his beta;… View Comment
May 31, 2009
wow View Comment