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Oct 20, 2011
I have heard there are treasures up there too. Brought all the way from Tijuana ;) View Comment
Oct 12, 2011
Once you are on the willard falls trail you will see the clif band to your right. When the trail bottles up… View Comment
Oct 12, 2011 Video of the First Accent View Comment
Oct 25, 2010
You no longer need to pack a third rope. if you drop down from the anchors below the last bolt ladder you c… View Comment
Nov 12, 2009
That's a good question. From the main Nautilus road as you split off to go to Citadel, it is just to the ri… View Comment
Nov 11, 2009
Hey Hey Now. It was hard enough leading but to have a dude (Troy D Anderson) shooting pictures with my came… View Comment

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General > Trad Climbing
Reply: TRAD CLIMBERS: so why do we call this style FA?
May 24, 2010 Jon, my personal belief is "who really has to put rules to it" Just climb. Ya know. Most people that make something of nothing are just chest pounding anyway. I think climbing… View Message
General > General Climbing
Reply: Adding bolts to existing routes
Apr 7, 2010 Nate, I can only guess where this is. Its was your Vision. You are just improving your own route. Bolt the damn thing. Don't listen to these "gurus" that have said ethics. Your… View Message
General > General Climbing
Reply: Is 16 too young?
Mar 31, 2010 Get after it. Keep your head about you but get after traveling. You will learn more in this world by getting out and seeing different things that you ever will by reading about… View Message
Regional > Southern Utah Deserts
Reply: Zion, coffee shop lies, attitudes...
Feb 12, 2010 Yeah Yeah, Nate. Good advice for Zion new comers. I forgot all about Ron-o waking us up and yelling at us from the parking lot. Everyone has to start somewhere. Just remember… View Message
Regional > Colorado
Reply: Suspicious posting for gear on craigslist, boulder
Jan 4, 2010 Yeah im with you on this Suspicious find. What the hell is a Cambor any way;) beat his ass Beside's $40 per. Dont you think a real climber would figure that a #5 would be worth… View Message
General > Community Forum
Reply: Best Pink Floyd song
Dec 15, 2009 Mother View Message