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Suggested Page Improvements to Evolution Traverse

Jul 6, 2014
I've msg'd about this before. It's pretty clear to me that whoever posted this page hasn't done this route. I see that it has been updated since my original message (likely from other people's beta).

Description (original)
The two most difficult parts that go up are going to Mt Mendel, and to Mt Huxley.(5.8,5.7).

The most challenging section from both a technical and routefinding standpoint is the traverse between Darwin and 13,332. There's a obvious manky 5.6 downclimb right below the summit block. From here depending on which way you go you will encounter downclimbing/traversing up to 5.9. The Mendel headwall is 5.6. There are a number of ways to go up Huxley, but most people have encountered climbing up to 5.7 or 5.8.


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