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Suggested Page Improvements to The Great Roof

Jim N.
Jan 20, 2019
Description Suggestion
The Great Roof is the extremely obvious roof hanging atop Goat Rock. The climb beneath the roof is easy (5.8), yet complicated by the fact that you have a top rope on - you can't go under the rock! Once you're in the large cave, you traverse out the left side, then up towards your top rope anchors.

Joe F
Aug 5, 2021
Protection Suggestion

Hike all the way up around to the back of Goat Rock. There are some rappel bolts on top, from which you rappel down to the proper top rope bolts. The bolts are set back a ways from the edge so bring long runners to avoid carving into the sandstone. The route is overhung enough that you'll swing a lot if you fall, but no worries, there's nothing back there.


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