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Suggested Page Improvements to Bukit Takun

Topher Dabrowski
Jun 26, 2018
Description Suggestion
This is the best crag in the greater KL vicinity. This hulking monolith just outside the city limits is a geologic anomaly: a mass of limestone on a granitic base. The approach is short, the climbs are classic, and the setting is almost-pristine. Where else in the world can you climb friction slabs into stemmy stalactites and finish on perfect pockets? This is not hyperbole - the locals are scared, which is a good sign it's awesome!

There are multiple distinct areas to the southeastern aspect. The most well-worn trail takes you straight to Battle Field, at the heart of the most recent development. The older trail takes you up to the Granitic Base, where the popular-but-worthy multi-pitch called Pussey Key awaits. Up and to the right of the Granitic Base area one will reach the Big Hole, which is named as such for reasons which will become obvious when you get there. The Big Hole area stretches to the right until one can follow a path down into the newer Cathedral Wall. Continue along even further and you will reach the Campground area. Plenty of new routes have been bolted in the Big Hole and Cathedral Wall areas during the "winter & spring" of 2018. As you continue leftwards, there are climbs in the Galactic Cliff and Lower Slopes area, although these may be hard to find and identify.

Just below this, at the start of Transtakunian Skyway, you will find the most recent development. These are likely the cleanest routes in the area, which should be taken with a grain of salt, as big rocks are still coming down. Cool combination of granite and limestone. As you turn the corner to an area dominated by massive stalactites that nearly touch the ground, you're in the Battle Field. The rock changes character here, becoming more marble-like and overhung. Another level down to the left is Ana's Garden, with a couple stellar lines. At the bottom of the hill, and back up the other side, is Elysium. The cave here has one unreal 6c that climbs through and out the cave roof, with a few more lines further up the hill.

Be warned! Although this area is phenomenal, it doesn't see the traffic it deserves. This is a double-edged sword - you'll have the place all to yourself, but reserve some mental energy for checking rock quality. We had a very near-miss that still sent my girlfriend to the hospital for eight stitches...


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