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Suggested Page Improvements to Irish Canyon

Justin Barker
Jan 21, 2020
Description Suggestion
Irish Canyon was named circa 1890 after several Irishmen robbed a store in Rock Spings, WY and hung in this canyon drinking the spoils. The deep, streamless canyon was stream pirated in the geologic past, so you have a perched canyon.

There are sandstone and limestone formations within the canyon near the road.

Camping: most of the land is BLM so you can camp most places. There is a Nature Conservancy Campground on the west side of the road about 2 miles past the roadside limestone. It gets a lot of shade making the mornings cooler than one can get by camping north of here just past Irish Lakes on the prairie that is open to the east.

There is [used to be] a mobile-home-store in the southern end of Browns Park about 1/3 mile north of CS 318. They have gasoline, beer, some canned, and packaged goods spud clips. Is this older couple still running the store??

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