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Big Red
Jun 13, 2021
Getting There Suggestion

Park on the Kanc about 1.3 miles west of the Albany Covered Bridge at a small pullout above a primo swimming area. Cross the river, and walk straight into the woods, maybe following a drainage to a cliff.

2014 & 2019 updated version of David Aguasca's directions: Alternate approach, recommended for the spring (don't try crossing the's an easy way to go for a swim): Park at the Albany Covered Bridge Parking. On the north end of the bridge, to the left, is a broad, gated dirt road, which is the beginning of the Nanamocomuck Ski Trail and access for logging. Walk up this dirt road to a  bridge. About 150 ft past this bridge the logging road splits at a sign, take the left branch, cross 2 crude log bridges and shortly after the 2nd the ski trail breaks left from the road. Follow the ski trail. In about 2-3 minutes, the ski trail will re-gain the road momentarily and then branch to the left again (at the "2 km sign").  There are a total of  5 small wooden bridges to cross (including the log bridges). Soon after the fifth bridge, the ski trail will rejoin the road again. Follow the road and cross a large clearing to a path. Look for a cairn on the right side of the path, marking where a faint old trail or track veirs off making a "Y". You can probably see the outline of a rounded hill above, even with the leaves out. That is where you are headed. follow the faint track away from the river a few minutes until you run into a drainage, which will then lead you right up to the crag. The cliff is only 5 or 10 minutes from the main ski trail. If you are wondering around for 45 minutes, you have gone way past it. The approach should be very easy and no more than 35-45 minutes.   [Items in italic updated to reflect conditions in 2019, R Hall NH Admin.


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