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Suggested Page Improvements to Silverbell Boulders - Closed to all

Jan 29, 2018
Description Update:

Closed to all access. Owner will notify sheriffs department on trespassers and tow vehicles parked across the road which is also private property now.

Pedro Hoffmeister
Sep 30, 2019
Description Suggestion
All of the climbing described on this page is on private property. Climbing in no longer allowed. Signs are posted in multiple locations. Please respect the land owner and do not trespass. Trespassers will incur a "Criminal Trespassing" charge.

A fun little desert bouldering area. Not too many problems, but more quality than Gate's Pass. This area does not see quite the climbing action it once saw, but is well worth the visit. The rock is very much like that of some of the famous eastern Sierra bouldering areas near Bishop (Happy Boulders).

I have read and been told that these boulders are located on private property. There is no sign posted, and I have never heard of any problems with bouldering here. Still best to practice "leave no trace", so climbers can continue to enjoy these boulders.

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