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Suggested Page Improvements to Sunny and Steep

Josiah Ferguson
Nov 22, 2018
Getting There Suggestion
There is currently construction on going in Calico Basin, park wherever you can. From Calico Basin there are two routes that lead to the crag: The hilly but shorter route takes a trail through the saddle just west of Kraft Mountain (the double peaked mountain north of Calico Basin). Pass behind the Yin Yang crack and continue on the main trail down (north) to the wash. Once in the wash walk downstream (east) until the crag is visible on your left (~5 minutes once you reach the wash). The Sunny and Steep crag has a large chimney separating two overhung walls, the right wall being higher. The other approach option is to hike northeast through the Kraft boulders (in between Kraft Mountain and Calico Basin) after passing the Monkey Bar Boulder (large overhung boulder on your right) bust up and left into the main wash, walk and occasionally scramble from here up the wash for ~20 minutes and the crag is on your right.

Nick Lee
Oct 6, 2021
New Left-to-Right Route Sort

Luke EF
Aug 28, 2022
Getting There Suggestion

Park in the Kraft Mountain parking lot.

Sunny and steep lies on the opposite side of Kraft Mountain and can be accessed by approaching on the Kraft Mountain loop from either the east or the west. The west approach is faster and shorter distance, but has a bit more elevation change and does not pass by as many crags and boulders. Both approaches are very long by Red Rock sport climbing standards. 35mins-1hr depending on pace and approach.

Western Approach

1.30m, 600ft gain, 300 ft descent

From the west end of the parking lot, take a trail heading northwest to meet up with the Kraft Mountain loop. Continue on the Kraft Mountain loop around the west side of the mountain, up a very steep and exposed hill. Shortly after passing by the backside of the Yin and Yang Cliff, there is a small shortcut that is usually cairned. Either take the shortcut with minor scrambling, or continue on the main Kraft Mountain loop trail. Both will deposit you into a wash. Continue east in the wash until you see Sunny and Steep on your left. There is a short scramble to the base of the cliff.

Eastern Approach

1.75m, 400ft gain 100ft decsent

From the east end of the parking lot, take the main Kraft boulders trail heading northeast to meet up with the Kraft Mountain loop. Continue on the Kraft Mountain loop around the east side of the mountain, passing by the many popular boulders in the area. Once around the mountain, continue on the Kraft Mountain loop for nearly a mile before Sunny and Steep appears on your right. There is a short scramble to the base of the cliff.


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