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Suggested Ratings 9

Ryan 5.9
Eric S 5.9 R
Nic Lazzareschi 5.9
Ken Duncan 5.9
Bryce Kerscher 5.9 PG13
Kevin Karn 5.9 PG13
Noah Grage 5.9
Connor Smith 5.8+
Nathan Welton 5.8 R

On To-Do Lists 133

Tony B
Colin Coulson
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Ticks 47

Nathan Welton
Sep 23, 2020
Sep 4, 2020
Sep 4, 2020 · Lead / Onsight.
Aug 27, 2020 · 5 pitches. Lead. p1 5.8 > p2 5.6 > p2 5.6 > 5.8/9 p4-5
Amy Bannon
Aug 14, 2020
Abel Richards
Jul 31, 2020 · 5 pitches. Lead. Climbed in 5 pitches. Combined P1 & half of P2 and P4 & P5. Sean lead remaining pitches
Noah Grage
Jul 31, 2020 · Lead / Onsight.
Beth Sager
Jul 27, 2020 · Lead.
Brock Rose
Jul 18, 2020
Mike Robinson
Jul 11, 2020 · 6 pitches. Lead / Onsight.
Bryce Kerscher
Jul 11, 2020 · Lead / Onsight. Lead 2, 4, 5, and 7. W/ Kevin. Pretty fun route. Junky P4 though. And the top pitch isn't a finger crack... It's a death block jug haul.
Kevin Karn
Jul 10, 2020 · Lead / Onsight. W/Bryce. Long, fun day! Runout start on P1. Tricky route finding & gear on P3. Mind the loose shit!
Sabrina Dawson
Jul 9, 2020 · 3 pitches. Lead / Onsight. Lots of choss, last pitch was worth it
Nathan Sandidge
Jul 9, 2020 · 4 pitches. Lead / Onsight. Linked 2+3, 4+5, 6+7. 70m rope, double rack to 3, 12 slings and 4 double runners. Glorious summit and rad climbing. Watch out for rope drag linking final two pitches.
Mike Soucy
Jun 20, 2020 · 6 pitches. Lead.
Mike dF
Jun 7, 2020
Aug 27, 2017 · Lead.
Connor Smith
Aug 31, 2019 · Lead.
Daniel Gopen
Aug 4, 2019 · 4 pitches. Lead / Onsight.
Griffin Paul
Aug 3, 2019 · 4 pitches. Lead / Onsight. Excellent. Four pitches with Dan. P1&2, P3, P4&5, P6&7. Summit naps
Thomas Lund
Jul 30, 2019 · 6 pitches.
Hangdog Millionaire
Jul 27, 2019 · Lead / Onsight. led 2 (incredible hanging corner), 4, 6. with matt
skye bacus
Jul 20, 2019
Holly Mackin
Jul 17, 2019
Steve Marshall
Jul 11, 2019 · w. avi, 14h-ish c2c?
Avi B
Jul 11, 2019 · Lead.
Aug 27, 2017
Spencer Verdon
Jul 10, 2019 · Lead / Onsight. Great climbing. Lots of loose blocks.
Nathan B
Jul 4, 2019 · Follow.
Jay W
Jul 4, 2019 · 2 pitches. Top two pitches done as part of "red faced magic".
Mark Griffin
Jul 3, 2019 · Lead.
Michael Klein
Jun 10, 2019 · Lead. Lead 2nd 4th and last pitches. Great route!
Greg D
Oct 6, 2018
Charlie Gray
Sep 30, 2018 · Lead. Great route, harder and more sustained than the Petit. We found several of the pitches pretty tricky. The summit thin crack I might call 5.9; but whatever you call it, its steep and techy! Great finish to a great route!
Nic Lazzareschi
Aug 14, 2018 · Lead / Onsight.
Aug 4, 2018 · W/ Dan- os p 1+2, 4 (variation) +5 and last pitch
Eric S
Jul 23, 2018 · 6 pitches. W/dad
Jul 18, 2018 · 4 pitches. Joined S. Face after step-over left corner at bottom. Rejoined at top.
D. Snyder
Jul 18, 2018 · 5 pitches. Lead. Opted for the middle pitch(es) of the South Face route and started and finished on MIM. Good fun.
garrett K
Jun 10, 2018 · Lead / Onsight.
Emily Lines
Aug 27, 2017 · As party of 3 with Mike and Avi
Aug 26, 2017 · Lead.
Hans El Grandote
Jul 15, 2017 · Lead / Onsight.
Guy H.
Jul 9, 2017 · w/ Dave
Ryan Montoya
Jun 14, 2017 · Lead / Onsight.
Andy Kee
Jun 14, 2017 · Lead / Onsight.
Caleb Johnson
Jun 25, 2016 · Lead / Onsight. with alex