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Dana Hawlish V7
Karthik Sonty V7
Nat Smale V7
Guy McAtee 1 V7
Garrick Hague V7

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Whitney C
Corey Banks
Adam Menz
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Jenn DeBellis Oct 18, 2018
Garrick Hague Oct 18, 2018
Guy McAtee 1 Oct 6, 2018 · Solo. 3 att. Very fun
Corey Banks Apr 18, 2018 · sit start v7
Sam Steele Mar 9, 2018
Kevin Macartney Aug 6, 2017
Jared Cohn Dec 8, 2016
JAtkinson Nov 26, 2016 · Even i enjoyed this lip traverse
Karthik Sonty May 2, 2016 · Started a couple moves lower than described...added some tense toehooking
Ryan Surface Apr 30, 2016
David McAllister Apr 11, 2015
Nat Smale Mar 12, 2014 · Harder and better than it looks.