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BJ Cook 5.8

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Ticks 9

Chasity Reagle Jan 26, 2018
Chasity Reagle Jan 26, 2018 · Follow. Used .75 & 1” cam. On 1st pitch. Used 60meter rope. Climbed with Justin
Justin Kile Jan 26, 2018 · Lead / Onsight.
Mike Flanigan Dec 1, 2017
Ben Hawes Nov 26, 2017 · 1 pitch. Follow.
Danny Sandoval Nov 9, 2016 · OS
Jamie Tuckey Dec 22, 2014
BJ Cook Dec 21, 2014 · Did this with Tuckey. He lead 1st pitch up Left Longing, then I lead pitch 2 up to Buffalo Bros start
Lou Cerutti Feb 15, 2014