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Colin Cox V5
Andy Liu V5
lucaskers V5
Will Tam V5
Robbie Brown V5
EJoe V5
Jason Akua Makana Petty V5
Mike D V4
Zack Smith V4
GregC. V3-4

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Ticks 40

Stefan D Jun 3, 2019 · Solo. ;p
Nate Mankovich Jun 3, 2019
David Beter May 1, 2019 · got most of it but bailed out right before last couple moves.
Seth Alberta Apr 14, 2019
Liam J Mar 31, 2019 · Solo.
John Clark Jan 27, 2019 · Send. Four laps, got in about 20-30 min
Jake Rogers Oct 29, 2018
Zack Smith Sep 7, 2018
Greg Gavin May 7, 2018 · 3rd try
CaseyElliott Apr 26, 2018
Paul Ladevèze Feb 25, 2018
Christopher Smaling Jan 20, 2018
Bryce King Dec 7, 2017 · Headlamp's n Tight Shoes
pdh Dec 1, 2017 · Solo. Headlamp
Mailee Dec 1, 2017
Zoey Grinstead Nov 25, 2017
Tyler Dirda Nov 24, 2017
Nick Ehman Oct 19, 2017
Jared Hancock Oct 11, 2017
Jake Sobelman Sep 18, 2017
Ellis L May 4, 2017
GregC. Apr 6, 2016 · Classic Slab. Not that much harder than initial friction.
Brendan Cathcart Mar 18, 2016
AL . Mar 9, 2016
EJoe Nov 28, 2015
EJoe Mar 28, 2015
Xan Calonne Mar 23, 2015 · awesome!
Jason Akua Makana Petty Mar 21, 2015 · 5 attempts...tricky figuring out the bottom sequence...holds at top were better
Kaleem Khwaja Nov 12, 2014 · felt impossible in old moccasyms, but sent it in new TC Pros
Xtine Oct 1, 2014 · By some miracle, sent this. Thanks to Andy for the beta :)
Nob0dy Jul 9, 2014 · Really liked this one!
ShaunG Gregg Apr 20, 2014
dgill Mar 9, 2014
Tommy L-D Jan 24, 2013 · Thin n' Slabby, Tick from back in the day!
Andy Liu Apr 28, 2012 · Never thought I'd be able to climb this!
Nick Sullens Jun 15, 2011
Colin Cox Mar 20, 2010 · All the best footholds are polished...but other bumps did the trick.
Trevor Shu Nov 13, 2008
deanelliott Jul 1, 1982
deanelliott Jul 1, 1982