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derekpearson Pearson 5.11d
Jon Nelson 5.11c

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Ticks 12

J.Roatch May 1, 2019 · Follow.
Devin Bishop Mar 31, 2019 · TR. With hangs. Couldn’t pull mantle crux.
MikeGarcia Oct 20, 2018 · Lead / Fell/Hung. Pulled through crux, but figure out sequence.
ewetzel Oct 6, 2018
Zacks Sep 30, 2018 · Lead / Redpoint.
James Blackmon Sep 29, 2018 · TR.
Gage Bodensteiner Aug 8, 2018 · TR. Didn’t do the finger crack as clean as the last time but sent the first bouldery moves really well
Gage Bodensteiner Aug 2, 2018 · TR. Sent the finger crack fairly clean, had to cheat on the move into the finger crack
Teddy Kisch May 5, 2018 · TR. Terrific route! In early season, needs some gardening for the slab section, which is fairly dirty.
Jean Spencer Sep 12, 2016 · TR. fell all over crux, pulled on draws. got the crack clean after bolt.
Dave Berlin Aug 5, 2016 · TR
Nicola Masciandaro Aug 8, 2011