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Suggested Ratings 13

Dave Rone 5.11-
Travis Rypkema 5.10d
Wilson On The Drums 5.10d
Aaron Ramras 5.10+
Joshua Bybee 5.10+
Mark Rafferty 5.10+
matt scherer 5.10+
Brice Pollock 5.10+
Alec Zwiaska 5.10+
BoulderCharles 5.10+
Jim Slichter 5.10+
Chris Hirsch 5.10+
Ryan Emery 5.10

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Rich Kelly
Taylor Krosbakken
Dan Petty
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Tyler Tworek
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Marianna Moss
Shane Bates
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Jared M Johnson
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Kathryn Floyd
Scott Dressler
John Lang
T Bloodstone
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Max Matheson
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Erin Filbrandt
Nate T.W.
Patrick Schreffler
Rika J.
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Embarrassed to say
Duncan Domingue
Ally Lamb
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Jamie Sookprasong
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Joe Campbell
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Anthony DiFronzo
Mike Krsnak
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Jon Lyon
Allie Oaks
Jane Strader
Joey Appley

Ticks 14

Austin Trupe Jun 2, 2018 · Follow.
matt scherer Sep 9, 2017 · Lead / Fell/Hung. Hung on start of 3rd pitch
Ryan Emery Sep 9, 2017 · Lead / Onsight. Swapped leads
Alec Zwiaska Aug 8, 2017 · Lead.
Brice Pollock Aug 8, 2017 · Follow. Lead the last squeeze chimney. The second pitch was very hard to find what to do.
Jon Marek Jul 10, 2017 · os
BoulderCharles Aug 30, 2015 · Led P1 and P3.
JFM Aug 30, 2015 · Led P2. Tough. Fell at crux repeatedly. French free, then finished.
Jimmy D Jun 20, 2015
Kirtis Courkamp May 30, 2015
Mark Ellefson May 6, 2015 · W/ reed
Cari Nicholson Jul 24, 2014 · led P1, follow 2 and 3, beginning of 3 was tricky
Wilson On The Drums Nov 1, 2012 · awesome route, really great climbing with 2 great crux sections
Markus Jobman Apr 14, 2012