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Ian McFate Jan 14, 2018 · Solo.
Phil Wilson Sep 24, 2017 · From 4 to 1. With Merlin Repp and Cory. Long day but excellent. Stayed pretty much on the ridge between the peaks, but required lots of easy class 5 downclimbing. Crux at top of ramp near peak 2 summit. See photo with beta.
Cory Tallman May 10, 2017
Erik Hanschen Apr 15, 2017 · Solo.
JoeyJa Nov 26, 2016 · fun stuff! brought up 3 guys that had never really hiked before, that really upped the adventure factor a lot!
DesertRat Dec 24, 2014
Ben Watson Apr 20, 2013 · One long day with Rob B.
Jonathan Simonton Mar 24, 2012 · Scary and time consuming but awesome adventure