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kirill langer WI4
Colin Simon WI4
bob branscomb WI4
Julian Smith WI4
Jason Todd WI4-

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Ticks 16

Ben Gotthold Mar 7, 2019 · Lead.
Lance Colley Feb 10, 2016
fourteenfour Feb 10, 2016 · Really fun climbing. Pitch 2 is la full 60m. The approach a slog which takes away from the climbing. Including the hiking in between pitches. w/ Lance.
Jacob Wells Feb 1, 2014 · Climbed w/ Jason. Soloed up to crux pitch. Jason led crux 3+ condition and i led one pitch higher 4. Turned back after that due to time.
Chris Gibbs Feb 1, 2014
bob branscomb Nov 26, 2011 · early season-steep! great route.
Colin Simon Feb 28, 2011
kirill langer Feb 26, 2011
David A Feb 26, 2011 · Cold, hard, fun.
icic-jess Feb 12, 2011 · Northern aspect=really, really, cold....but amazing trucker ice!
Jay Hack Nov 17, 2010
Jay Hack Feb 22, 2010
Mike Dahlquist Nov 26, 2009
Jim Clarke Mar 3, 2009 · Lead / Onsight.
Cybele Aug 11, 2006 · Lead. swap. blizzard.
Mees Nov 14, 1992