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Brian Kalet Steep Snow
Rick Blair Steep Snow

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Ticks 15

Andrew Beckman Jul 20, 2017 · Solo.
Sarah Meiser Jun 21, 2017
David A Jul 9, 2016
Justin Rich Jul 18, 2015 · with Jason A.
Michael R Jun 28, 2015 · Solo. Group of us climbed this and traversed to Navajo.
David Mattingly Aug 2, 2014
Rick Blair Jul 22, 2012 · w/John, used as approach to dickers peck and hasty retreat from storm
SavageMarmot Jun 25, 2012
Jon Cheifitz May 5, 2012 · w/ Jazz. Last few turns of the season.
Chris Piekarski Apr 29, 2012 · tropics
Tim Schumacher Jul 22, 2010 · A mid-week ski day up Apache.
JonnyC Sep 13, 2009
brenta Jul 4, 2008
Crag Mag22 Aug 1, 2001 · w/ Dustin et al. Date approx.
Brian Kalet Dec 31, 1969