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Suggested Ratings 11

eddysamson V8+
Peter Torphy V8
Dylan Leath V8
boofs ankles V8
Greg Elgin V8
A O V8
Ian McAfee V8
Troy Fauteux V8
Brad Fauteux V8
Chris Duca V7-8
bill patton V7-8 PG13

Ticks 14

tschiele Oct 19, 2018
Peter Torphy Jul 25, 2018
boofs ankles May 31, 2018 · woof. 8 sessions?I never want to do another undercling crack traverse again.
Aakash Ravi May 27, 2018 · Unbelievably happy!!! My ultimate nemesis boulder.
Peter nichols Oct 1, 2017 · This thing took some doing. Finally got it. Pretty unique.
Nadya Vorotnikova Sep 16, 2017 · Nemesis. Love/hate feelings for this climb. Lifting fridges.
Greg Elgin Sep 2, 2017
anna.gutwin Jun 22, 2017 · Sent in the first session. Seemed soft for V8.
Rob DeBruyn Jun 11, 2017
A O Oct 10, 2016 · The ripper! Crew siege. Stuck the 'crux' 20+ times before the send. SMH
Ian McAfee Oct 9, 2016
Brad Fauteux Sep 5, 2016 · What a problem. So fun and unique.
Troy Fauteux Sep 3, 2016 · What a way to end the day! Super cool moves up the underclings to a desperate throw.
eddysamson Aug 23, 2016 · its harder than a 7 for sure, I'd say 8+. Its a bit easier than Penumbra, maybe equal to Impossible