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Ticks 98

Chris H May 18, 2019 · Lead / Onsight. failed attempt to 8700ft. ice, rime, and off route in 5.8 terrain. several wet slides nearby.
Priti Wright May 13, 2019 · Solo. With Jeff
Niqolas Ruud Oct 20, 2018 · Solo. Crazy good late Oct. weather!
Ken Tubbs Sep 17, 2018 · Lead.
Nastassia Barber Sep 14, 2018 · Follow.
Pailyn Brown Aug 19, 2018 · Lead. long day, bivyed at summit
Tracie Weitzman Aug 18, 2018 · Lead. Swung leads w Robin
Meggatron Aug 18, 2018 · Follow. with Robin and Tracie
ShaneM Aug 11, 2018 · Solo. 6h 45min c2c
Richard Forbes Aug 9, 2018 · Lead / Onsight. there was very little on this climb that actually required a rope and a lot amount of wandery route finding
Travis Gomez Aug 8, 2018 · Follow. lead 2 p's follow 3
DrApnea Jul 27, 2018 · Solo. rescue mission. solo'd up with followers simulclimbing for last 500 feet. next time FS with approach shoes. water on route and descent.
Andrew Knight Jul 23, 2018 · Lead.
Isaac Gray Jul 22, 2018 · Lead / Flash.
Nick Drake Jul 14, 2018 · Solo. With Dafna and Meredith. Off route a bit, spent a lot of time on ridge proper. Great solo.
James Pierson Jul 7, 2018
William Holmquist Jul 6, 2018 · Lead / Flash.
Eli Francovich Jul 5, 2018 · Follow. Fun climb
Eli Francovich Jul 4, 2018
Brett Shattuck Dec 17, 2017 · Lead / Flash.
Anders Spaceman Aug 27, 2017 · Follow.
Adrien FB Aug 26, 2017 · with Alex (and Loni, John, John and Cody). 8h camp to summit
Ryan Johnson Aug 19, 2017 · Lead.
Gokul Aug 16, 2017 · w Michael
Josh Martinell Aug 8, 2017 · Lead / Flash.
Doug Hewell Aug 6, 2017 · Lead / Onsight.
TravisJBurke Aug 5, 2017 · Solo. w/ Culver
Jacob Culver Aug 5, 2017 · Solo.
ChristopherH Aug 5, 2017 · Lead / Onsight. Fun day! Lead all pitches w/ Andrew & Kyle. Finished w/ 5.7-5.8 variation off of sandy ledge
Nate Ball Jul 29, 2017 · OS w/ Erik & Emma
Eddie Goss Jul 22, 2017 · Follow.
Andrea Jul 22, 2017
Andrew Knight Jul 21, 2017 · Lead / Onsight.
Steve Edgar Jul 15, 2017 · Swapped Leads
Devin Bishop Jul 14, 2017 · Guide training. Ascended and descended.
john collis Jul 12, 2017 · Solo.
Jaime Bohle Jul 8, 2017 · Lead / Onsight.
Alex Pollock Jul 8, 2017 · Lead. with AFB swapped and JR/LU team
rachelholland Jun 23, 2017
KEBRA B Jan 8, 2017 · Lead.
t. stone Sep 3, 2016 · Follow.
Alisse Cassell Aug 28, 2016 · Fun scrambley route to get to the top of this amazing mountain!
Max Leitner Aug 16, 2016 · Lead / Onsight. Kayla and swapped and simuled. Super fun
Paul Barish Aug 12, 2016 · Solo.
Brenden Sullivan Aug 6, 2016 · Lead.
Oren Cowlishaw Aug 6, 2016 · Lead.
Jennifer L Aug 5, 2016
Matthew Bunker Jul 30, 2016 · Follow.
Eben Freeman Jul 19, 2016 · Lead. with Kavya. Long day
kavya joshi Jul 19, 2016 · Follow. With Eben. Long day, but fun.
matthewphoto Williams Apr 20, 2016 · Lead / Onsight. Committing
TravisJBurke Jan 12, 2016
Dan Wells Sep 19, 2015 · Lead / Onsight.
BJLalpine Sep 5, 2015 · Lead / Onsight. With Gary and Erin, scrambling a good portion fo the way and swinging leads with Gary.
BenR Aug 23, 2015
Mark Goodro Aug 2, 2015 · OS
matthewphoto Williams Jul 9, 2015 · Lead / Onsight.
Aaron Nash Jun 27, 2015 · C2C. Mostly scrambling; if you're looking for good climbing, move along.
Sara DeRosier Jun 27, 2015
RedRock Rat Mar 26, 2015
Jeff Hebert Oct 5, 2014 · car to car
nickjhoward Sep 27, 2014 · Lead.
Aaron Farmer Sep 13, 2014
Zak Krenzer Aug 17, 2014 · Fun climb, descent was rough down the cascadian,
Jacob Oram Jun 5, 2014
Berndt Bittlingmaier Apr 2, 2014
Chad Walker Sep 4, 2013 · 8:35 car to car. 2 liters of water is plenty from Ingall's lake to get you all the way up and back to the car. 5th class is not bad. I'd call it 4th.
Chad Walker Sep 2, 2013 · onsighted in 8:35 car-2-car
Tyler Wick Aug 31, 2013
alpinerack Aug 7, 2013 · Not a big fan. Gullies and ledges for days. Had a crappy crack pitch near the summit with loose holds, scary and dangerous pitch that was probably 5.8.
Jack Frost Aug 3, 2013
bush-in-sky Jul 5, 2013
Vlad Alexandrov Jun 30, 2013 · Lead.
Sunny Jamshedji Aug 19, 2012 · This wasn't a gimme! Long with many false summits, but mostly good rock. Soloed to top in 7 hrs from Esmerelda TH. Returned by col and Long's Pass. CTC 11:53 hrs.
Jack Waeschle Aug 6, 2012 · Follow.
Keenan Waeschle Aug 6, 2012
jdberndt Jul 25, 2012 · with lennon, bivy at halt basin, 6h gully to summit, 16h c2c
Christopher Chicoskie Jun 28, 2012 · Follow.
Bruce Lacroix Sep 24, 2011
Joe Manning Sep 3, 2011 · Labor Day weekend w/ Jess
eric kramak Aug 12, 2011 · First big solo
Nick Hall Jul 14, 2011
Lindsey Frallic Jun 15, 2011
Dwayne Campogan Aug 16, 2010 · Lead. Overnight.
Eric Fjellanger Aug 14, 2010
Devin Bishop Jul 24, 2010 · With David B.
Lissa Wanserski Sep 26, 2009 · 16.5 hours car to car. AWESOME
J.Cirillo Cirillo Jul 20, 2009 · With Dave. Bailed from N. Ridge
gcap Jun 26, 2009 · with denny.
Alex Kowalcyk Jun 18, 2009
Johnny Devine Jul 12, 2008 · Car to car.
Dwayne Campogan Sep 2, 2006 · Lead. Overnight. Bivied at Long John Tower. With Boogie, Mike, John. Led pitch 1 and 2.
Paul Battram Aug 5, 2006 · Fantastic ,bivied high up
John Nordlinger Aug 24, 2000 · with Mark Schoban
ripsawridge Jul 1, 1999
J. Thornton Jun 5, 1994 · Via W R Couloir to W R Notch then to summit
J. Thornton Jun 19, 1993 · Did as carry-over, party of 6. Route finding is not too bad, Becky's description is good.
Ambrose Bittner Aug 21, 1988