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Ticks 26

Michael Burt Oct 28, 2018 · TR.
Steffen Hauschild Sep 6, 2018 · Lead / Onsight.
Alexander Christensen May 11, 2018 · TR.
Chris Price Mar 17, 2018 · TR.
Whitney Kiker Mar 13, 2018 · Lead / Fell/Hung. With Tris
tyler bostwick Dec 31, 2017 · Lead / Fell/Hung. One fall figuring out third/fourth bolt mantle With kyle meg and the gang Sweet climb, fun mantle and arete sections
megallegos Dec 31, 2017 · TR.
Andrew Charbonneau Dec 7, 2017 · Lead / Onsight.
Kristen Ashley Nov 26, 2017 · TR. Cleaned route in the Golden hour
Lauren Oct 14, 2017 · TR. Jake led. TR'd, fell once. Super slabby.
Jake Burkhead Oct 14, 2017 · Lead / Onsight.
Amy Nguyen Oct 7, 2017 · Follow.
james raimar Oct 4, 2017 · Follow. one of the craziest slab routes ive ever done, cannot believe I could balance on this, toes so strong and balancing on the smallest nothings, finger tips were all that you could use and lay close ti the rock in hopes you do not slip on this cheese grater
Joshua Paul Nov 19, 2016 · Lead.
Michael Dom Oct 30, 2015
Julia Lucente Apr 17, 2014
Stu Corbett Oct 21, 2013
Matt Strauser Oct 28, 2012
Eric Odenthal Mar 10, 2012 · years ago. fun route, cams at the start
Jonathan Lagoe Nov 27, 2011 · OS - Placed the Cam
Lukas Weidner Sep 12, 2011 · super scary sport lead
coop Best Apr 18, 2011
jason malczyk Oct 14, 2010
D Argyle Oct 14, 2007
jakobi Apr 20, 2007
rob bauer Oct 14, 2005 · w Jerry H.