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Cory Eales 5.5 M2-3 Steep Snow R
itsTaylor 5.5 M2-3 R
Jason Antin 5.5 M2-3 R
GLD 5.5 M2-3 Steep Snow PG13
Mauricio Herrera Cuadra 5.5 M2-3 Steep Snow R
Krister Sorensen 5.5 M2-3 Steep Snow R
J. Fox 5.5 M2-3 Steep Snow
Eric Klammer 5.4 M2 Mod. Snow PG13
Kevin Craig 5.2 M2-3 Mod. Snow R
Jamie Princo 5.2 M2 Mod. Snow PG13
Jason Wine Easy Snow

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Ticks 60

Wavie Dave Oct 21, 2018 · 1 pitch. Lead.
Ryan Marsters Jun 28, 2018 · Pre-work lap.
Andy Nelson May 26, 2018
Gabrielle Campiformio May 15, 2018 · Solo.
skipioletgirl May 6, 2017
Peter Bowron Nov 12, 2016 · Solo. 2nd ascent, free solo down and up notch and all of ridge, little snow or ice
Hammer Dan Nov 12, 2016 · Solo.
Travis Cooper Aug 10, 2016
Ted Eliason Jun 18, 2016
Peter Bowron May 20, 2016 · Solo. free climbed directly down rappel pitch and directly up notch
Alex Vidal May 16, 2016 · Solo. w/ neil and skis
Neillong Feller May 16, 2016 · in ski boots,crampons,fat heavy pow skis on my back. nice route, fun climbing, nice ski down too.
Jason Antin May 13, 2016 · Solo. With Eddie & Wade - DAWN PATROL skimo Mission. SUMMIT!
Jason Antin May 6, 2016 · Solo. With Eddie & Wade - DAWN PATROL skimo Mission. Bailed near top due to time constraints.
Jon H Apr 2, 2016 · Lead. With jacob, brie, and dave. 11 hr C2C. Thigh deep postholing. Used 4 tiny cams up to .5 to protect the crux pitch. Didn't use the rope or gear otherwise.
Don Morris Jan 1, 2016 · Full on winter climb
John Tex Apr 29, 2015 · Solo. Downclimbed rap
RWH Jun 13, 2014 · Long way to carry rope just for 1 rap, pretty fun, not stellar though
Mike Tsuji Apr 19, 2014 · Free solo, blew the OS right below the summit. Will have to return for the red point
sandrock Apr 5, 2014
Mauricio Herrera Cuadra Mar 2, 2014 · with Bernardo
itsTaylor Jan 29, 2014 · Lead / Onsight.
Ryan F Jan 20, 2014 · Repeat, good climb
RyanW Jan 19, 2014
Eddie F Jan 18, 2014 · With Eric, direct approach was not as difficult as stated in description
Eric Klammer Jan 18, 2014 · With Eddie. Awesome ridge.
MattWimm Wimmer Sep 7, 2013
Nathaniel K Aug 10, 2013
Ryan F May 4, 2013 · Lots of unconsolidated snow, little sketchy
Xam Feb 17, 2013 · standard east ridge - lead crux - w/ cmc
LawHous Jan 17, 2013
MattRedford Jan 14, 2013
Nathaniel K Nov 17, 2012 · solo
Kiul Nov 14, 2012
Travis Drake Sep 5, 2012
Ryan Marsters Aug 4, 2012
fossana Jun 3, 2012 · solo
Paul Hoerster Mar 10, 2012
John Fatseas Feb 18, 2012 · Soloed 8 hrs car-to-car. did ridge, not direct start on face
Page Weil Feb 4, 2012 · adam, mike, eric. bivy on face
Mike Griffin Jan 20, 2012
John Pedrosa Dec 10, 2011
RobD Jul 5, 2011
Steve Fragleasso Apr 19, 2011
Jeremy Bauman Mar 23, 2011 · Climbed with Cory, c-c 11hrs? c-summit 7hrs.
Cory Eales Mar 18, 2011
Stefan Griebel Jul 20, 2010 · with Bill Wright and Mark Oveson
Dan Holz Jul 3, 2010
Ryan-T Jun 22, 2010
Jason Wine Jun 6, 2010
Scott Bower Apr 18, 2010 · w/Curt Cool Nfacing couloir off of Notch in ridge.
Curt Nelson Apr 18, 2010
Krister Sorensen Apr 11, 2010
Aaron M Jan 16, 2010 · Good route. Lots of fun.
Chris Plesko Jan 16, 2010 · With Aaron, 3x60m headwall pitches plus the full ridge to the summit. 9:44 C2C. Needed pins.
Cory Eales Dec 26, 2009 · Had to bail at false summit
Jeff Welch Jul 11, 2009 · Soloed std East Ridge route in summer conditions. Short 5.2 pitch and several spots of cl4. Great!
J. Fox Jan 31, 2009 · Heinous but fun!
fossana Apr 16, 2006 · soloed with Erick
Joseph Wright Dec 31, 1969