Adventure Projects is hiring an Android engineer to join us in Boulder, CO
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guy bon V8+
BenClimbing V8
Dan Isaac V8
Joel Unema V8
Jason Akua Makana Petty V8
Bryce R. V8

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Mr. Yefferson
Anthony Hugo Almanza
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Kyle Hanus
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connor schwartz Dec 6, 2017
Mark Mellott Dec 1, 2017 · retro
Scott Berklite Sep 18, 2017
Bryce R. Aug 6, 2017
Robin Daugherty Sep 4, 2016
Robin Daugherty Jun 1, 2016
RyanJohnson Oct 10, 2015
Jason Akua Makana Petty May 3, 2015 · 3 attempts...took a slight left bump to oppose big jump move...barely held on!
Jason Akua Makana Petty May 2, 2015 · 8 falls...too pumped to do big jump move to pocket...learned nifty toehook for final sequence
Aaron Mike Jan 24, 2014
Joel Unema Oct 22, 2011
Mattirvine Jan 3, 2010
Mattirvine Jan 3, 2010