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Suggested Ratings 15

Dj telle 5.10+
arjunmh 5.10+
Geir 5.10c
Catherine Conner 5.10c
Andrew Altman 5.10b/c
Luis Cisneros 5.10b/c
Luke Bertelsen 5.10b/c
Brent Silvester 5.10b/c
Jeffrey Hyman 5.10b
tim 5.10b
Daryl Allan 5.10b
Mike Willyoung 5.10a/b
Meghan 5.10a/b
randy baum 5.10a/b
Ball 5.10a

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david goldstein
Dana Ernst
Jeff Bevan
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Eric Foster
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Andy Bennett
Hampton Uzzelle
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Christopher David

Ticks 34

Andrew Altman Apr 19, 2017 · Lead / Onsight.
Jackson. Mar 6, 2017 · W/ Lucas, very hungover
Nate from Newnewfoundland Mar 6, 2017 · REVENGE send w/ Caitlin! led p1, p3, p5-6
Lucas gibson Mar 6, 2017 · Lead / Onsight. Respray Variation, Monkeying on buckets
drewp May 8, 2016
BBurman Nov 15, 2015 · lead even pitches
J Mo May 18, 2015 · W Nate, led 1&3, this time sent 3
Kylie Mosell Apr 11, 2015 · 1st Trad multi pitch (6). Followed Marion. Summited in dark. Bean Fest.
Marion Cambrelin Apr 11, 2015 · lead all pitches
kmchugh Apr 5, 2015
J Mo Apr 5, 2015 · w jake, led 1, 3, and 5, only sent 1 & 5. burly! windy!
Luis Cisneros Feb 21, 2015 · W/ Jake
Marion Cambrelin Feb 7, 2015 · Lead pitch 1 and 3. Austin lead 2.
Dj telle Oct 9, 2014 · awesome climb. with aaron.
michelle linville Mar 31, 2014 · Roof is hard
Johnny Francisco Feb 3, 2014
Erik Hanschen Feb 2, 2014 · w/ Neill
arjunmh Sep 29, 2013
Nathan Richman Mar 9, 2013
Caitlin Mac Feb 2, 2013 · Only climbed first two pitches. Only had two#4's on OW- very scary lead. Need better head/gea
Karl Groll Nov 18, 2012 · 1,3,5
J Hunt Nov 18, 2012
Joe Silver Apr 15, 2012 · 1-5 w/ Erik
Catherine Conner Jan 30, 2012 · Great day with Nestor! I lead 1, 3, 4. Nestor Lead 2, 5 & 6. Do this route!
Jeff Scheuerell Nov 19, 2011
Scott Palmer Mar 25, 2011
Justin York Oct 9, 2010 · w/j.prouty
Mike Willyoung Jan 31, 2010
Jeffrey Hyman Jan 31, 2010
J Cunningham Nov 13, 2009
Luis Cisneros Jun 9, 2009
Brent Silvester Jan 18, 2009 · Fun adventure. I'm glad I live close to the stronghold. Glad the rope didn't get stuck.
Aleix in Angola Nov 22, 2008 · With Meghan.
Meghan Nov 21, 2008 · Climbed with Aleix. I lead Pitches 1, 3&4 run together, and 6.