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Brian Prince 5.11b
Evan Riley 5.11a/b
Vlad S 5.11a
Osprey Overhang 5.11a
Jeff Scheuerell 5.11a
Daniel Trugman 5.11a
Will M. 5.11a
Tyler Logan 5.11a
Adam Freund 5.10d
Ben Lepesant 5.10d
Darshan Ahluwalia 5.10d

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Ticks 25

Asuka Ota Apr 28, 2018 · Follow. hard. super sustained and pumpy layback
Johnny Y Apr 28, 2018 · led and still getting spanked, harder than hardly
Will M. Nov 3, 2017 · Lead / Onsight. More gear next time
Robert Daniel. Oct 8, 2017 · OS. Sustained
Alexey Zelditch Nov 22, 2016 · Lead / Redpoint. old monkeys sending this week. Fight with this hardest 10D since 2007
Rabbott Apr 5, 2016 · Lead.
sean burke Oct 6, 2015
mcw81 Mar 31, 2015
Michael Akland Sep 28, 2014
DylanJK Sep 20, 2014
DylanJK May 24, 2014
Adam P. Mar 23, 2014 · I can't remember when, but I've only done it once.
jpvandever Mar 9, 2014 · cory led. tough.
Johnny Y Nov 16, 2013 · hangdog, ran out of gear, sustained
Evan Riley Mar 17, 2013 · Fell twice. Stout.
chulho "charles" chang Nov 1, 2011 · os. really pumpy. at my limit.
Luke Stefurak Oct 22, 2011 · OS. Pretty sustained. Used lots of .75's. HOT day.
Mike broad Aug 9, 2011
Daniel Trugman Apr 30, 2011 · OS attempt (not clean) with Shonin. Pumpy!
Jeff Scheuerell Jan 22, 2011
Buster Jesik Apr 20, 2009 · 1 hang
Nick Stayner Sep 30, 2008 · w/ Marko
Aaron S Feb 19, 2008 · Clean TR following James, back when he did cool shit.
JOHN - A - TRON Sep 19, 2006 · TR
Ted Baker Dec 31, 1969