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Suggested Ratings 4

Mike Howard 5.12
George Perkins 5.12-
Bowe Ellis 5.12a
Jason Halladay 5.11d

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Bowe Ellis
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Ben Schmitz
Michelle Kinny
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Bobby Hebel
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Backwards Eric
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Lin Robinson
Shane Way
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Kent Atkinson
Jonathan Field
Eli Bucher

Ticks 6

Julius Beres May 26, 2019 · Lead / Fell/Hung.
Kevin Bond Mar 14, 2018 · TR.
Patrick Vernon Dec 30, 2017 · Lead / Onsight. OS, feels hard till you commit. Excellent route!
Matthew Breeding May 11, 2016 · L, 2f
Jason Halladay Feb 7, 2009 · OS attempt. Falls at roof until figured out. Upper arete is stellar!
Jason Halladay Feb 7, 2009 · Sent it with draws hanging from my previous attempt after I figured out the moves. Great route.