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Philip Scoles 5.11c C0

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Luke Stefurak
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Colum Kelly May 26, 2019 · Lead. The offwidth has cracks in the back so you definitely don’t need a #6 (unless you want to toprope the whole thing then a single #5 and #6 would be sufficient). For the rest a single rack from micro to #3 and doubles from #.4 to #1.
RyderS Stroud Aug 9, 2018 · Lead. Sandbagged, but a killer adventure! Stacked pitches of hard climbing will get you worked.
Clay Thomas Jul 26, 2018 · Lead / Fell/Hung. First half into cerberus. I found the offwidth super gnarly.
Luke Cormier May 14, 2015 · Sol to the top of the Pinnacle hang dogging like crazy
Alex Ratson Aug 9, 2013 · To tantalus ledge
alix morris Aug 7, 2013 · bail after p5, super hard
Ross Peritore May 26, 2007