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Ticks 131

Jake Risch Mar 20, 2019 · 6 pitches. Lead / Onsight. Mike led p1, I linked 2&3, bailed at top of p3
Josh Anderson Jan 10, 2019 · Lead / Onsight. With Dillan Kurtin
Patrick Wilder Dec 18, 2018 · Lead / Fell/Hung.
Steve Muller Oct 27, 2018 · 4 pitches. Lead / Onsight. With Eric Compas. E lead p1. We summited. I lead the rest. Linked p2-3 and then p4-5.
Eric Compas Oct 26, 2018 · 4 pitches. Lead. led first pitch only
otter burke Sep 26, 2018 · Lead.
Michael Butts Sep 8, 2018 · Lead / Redpoint. Climbed w/Stacey. Every pitch is super fun. this is a great route with unbelievable views.
Stacey Heronema Sep 8, 2018
otter burke Aug 20, 2018 · Lead.
Brooks Harrington Aug 7, 2018 · Follow.
Greeley Jul 29, 2018 · 4 pitches. Lead / Flash. Did first 4 pitches (pitch 1, then linked pitches 2-4), then bailed because of incoming storms.
Mark D. Jul 29, 2018 · Lead / Onsight. Led p2-5
e Dixon Jul 22, 2018
Eric Rankin Jul 20, 2018 · Lead. I dropped my friends .2 metolius on pitch 3. We still use that cam...
Adam Gellman Jul 7, 2018 · 4 pitches. Lead / Onsight. linked pitches. rappeled in a thunderstorm
Gus Meyers Jul 1, 2018 · Follow.
Travis Norton Jun 29, 2018 · Lead / Onsight.
Benjamin Swank Jun 25, 2018 · Lead / Onsight. lead crux and next pitch. super fun route!
Natalie M Jun 25, 2018 · 6 pitches. Gabe led 2-3-4 as one pitch, I led 1,5,6. Took at the roof on p2
Erik Gomez Jun 22, 2018
Brian Johnson May 27, 2018 · Lead / Onsight. Such a classic, did with Mac
Camille Wilde May 5, 2018
Michelle VanRoekel May 2, 2018 · Lead / Onsight.
Mark Dunn Feb 24, 2018 · Follow. Super fun. Crux move on p2
Matt Hobbs Dec 4, 2017 · Follow.
Preston Blair Nov 4, 2017 · Lead / Redpoint.
Ryan Marsters Sep 30, 2017 · Wet
Furthermore Sep 30, 2017
Mark Griffin Sep 15, 2017 · Lead / Onsight.
chris pdx Sep 9, 2017 · Lead / Flash. first 5 pitches lead all
Q Keith Aug 25, 2017 · Lead / Onsight.
BIG FUN Aug 15, 2017 · Lead. Lead P1 and P5. . Harry linked 3&4
Eric Alexander Aug 10, 2017 · Follow. Great climb. Solid rock. Decent pro. Best when dry but possible when a little wet. W Mike Brumbaugh and Erik Weihenmayer.
David A Price Jul 9, 2017 · Lead.
skye bacus Jun 3, 2017
Jared Sanders Oct 21, 2016 · With Ben S. Led the roof pitch.
B. Smith Oct 2, 2016 · Do NOT do last pitch with only 70m rope. Ends about 15feet above anchors.
B. Smith Oct 1, 2016 · Perfect!!! Hike was great. Approach from left side of cliff next time easy climbers trail with great carins.
Nick MB Aug 27, 2016 · Lead. Finished in 3. Led 2nd and 3rd.
Alexandra Bassett Jul 31, 2016 · Follow. Really fun route! I liked the last pitch, but it's definitely an easy one compared to the others.
Parker Wrozek Jul 23, 2016 · led all 6. great
Nick MB Jul 3, 2016 · Lead. Finished in four. Led 1st and 3rd pitches.
Gretchen Weber Jul 3, 2016 · 1 pitch. Trad lead 2, 5, &6
Sarah Taparauskas Jun 5, 2016 · Lead. swapped leads
Emily Tonish Apr 22, 2016 · Lead / Onsight.
r'sclimbs Mar 22, 2016
gunter Mar 10, 2016 · Lead / Onsight. climbed w/ dylan in June
Nate Allen Sep 12, 2015
Scheid Sep 7, 2015 · first 3 pitches
Dan Sneider Sep 5, 2015
Nick MB Aug 18, 2015 · Completed in four pitches. Followed all four then led first pitch.
Toehold OLaughlin Aug 9, 2015 · Follow.
Kevin Earls Jun 25, 2015 · We stopped at every belay station because we were following another party. Rapped 3 times, 6-4, 4-2, 2-ground.
Chris Wenker Jun 21, 2015 · 6 pitches. OS
John Ryan May 8, 2015 · Redpoint w/ Andrew MacClure
weston bierma Apr 5, 2015
Michael Scott Mar 31, 2015 · Carter in 3 pitches. 2raps with 70m rope and tagline.
Chris Miller-McLemore Mar 15, 2015
Chndlr Alstrn Mar 15, 2015 · Did not do last pitch, I combined and lead pitches 2 and 3, with Francis
francis6 Mar 15, 2015
Joe Forrester Oct 4, 2014 · decent climbing
ajn132 Nelson Oct 3, 2014
Tucker Smelley Sep 13, 2014
Nick Jordan Aug 25, 2014 · With Mel!
Joshua k Aug 21, 2014 · Carter Classic
S.Mckinna Aug 9, 2014
justinforestjurgens Aug 5, 2014
R Sather Jul 15, 2014 · OS With Joey
Brian Johnson Jun 20, 2014 · Lead / Redpoint. Classic Route, Lead with Leah and Rusty. It hailed on the crux pitch
Tucker Smelley May 8, 2014
Zak Munro May 7, 2014
Erik Gomez May 7, 2014 · awesome route had to do it again. led and linked pitch 2/3. tucker led p1 and cliff led p4/5
Erik Gomez May 6, 2014 · led pitch 2,3 and 4. zack led pitch 1 and 5
Max Dentel Apr 26, 2014
Cliff Mosser Mar 26, 2014
Carl McMahon Oct 20, 2013
Cliff Mosser Oct 19, 2013
Gabriel Burnworth Oct 13, 2013
Gabriel Burnworth Oct 6, 2013
Angie M Aug 18, 2013
Angie M Aug 16, 2013
dreed05 Aug 5, 2013
Jake Peters Jul 17, 2013
mmordfin Jun 27, 2013
Brian Johnson Jun 20, 2013 · Follow.
dreed05 Jun 18, 2013
Jess Bynum Jun 12, 2013
Chris Bartram Jun 11, 2013
Cliff Mosser Apr 19, 2013
Cliff Mosser Mar 31, 2013 · love it. so fun.
Cliff Mosser Feb 3, 2013 · Started on whats up.
Nick Rose Feb 2, 2013
Tom Merkt Oct 17, 2012
Andi S. Oct 17, 2012 · with Tom Merkt
Ryan Coulter Oct 12, 2012
ARussell Oct 6, 2012
Jesse Hill Oct 6, 2012
nicrains Aug 13, 2012
Adam Pecan Aug 8, 2012 · Fun climb. Lead middle 2 crux pitches. Traversed too high
Matthew Ryan Jones Jun 28, 2012
Nate Ball Jun 18, 2012 · w/ Angela. Lead 2&3&5.
Angela Lee Jun 18, 2012
JaminT Jun 17, 2012 · Yahoo! Led with Al, Art, and Darcie
claytown May 29, 2012 · fun!
Peter Swank May 27, 2012
Matthew Ryan Jones Apr 10, 2012
ridethejoy Mar 6, 2012 · w/ Matt swap
EmilyH Sep 10, 2011
Scot Eden Jul 17, 2011 · w EB
Micahisaac Jul 10, 2011
Ryan Edwards Jul 3, 2011
Evan Jewett Jul 3, 2011 · With Ashley Saupe and Heidi Garrett
Alex Garhart Jun 19, 2011
ridethejoy May 11, 2011
Owen Darrow Oct 14, 2010 · The best big wall in the Arkansas valley by far.
bryan dalpes Nov 10, 2009 · So much fun!
RyanO Sep 21, 2009 · only P1, bailed due to weather and not enough rope, sketchy downclimb bottom of p1 rappel.
Jason Halladay Jul 3, 2009 · Led all pitches with Fritz. Bill and Trug climbed separately behind us. Fun.
Daniel Trugman Jul 3, 2009 · w/ Bill. OS p 2/3,6 followed 1,4/5
Lee Jenkins Jun 15, 2009
WhiskeyGreg Feb 1, 2009
Rebecca Love Sep 26, 2008 · Great Climb, Great Weather and a Great Partner! What a fun day.
Nick Fury Aug 29, 2008
Dean Cool Jul 29, 2008 · Lead P2,P3,P4,P6
courtney.vogt Jul 14, 2008 · P1 lead
GregParker Jul 4, 2008 · 4 hrs 7 min with Kevin
Nick Fury Aug 16, 2007 · Lead and Followed
Nick D'Alessio Feb 15, 2007 · w/ Cheyenne & Kip D
Lee Jenkins Apr 22, 2006
Stephen Nance Jan 1, 2006 · on New years day, FREEZING!!!! Me and Aaron
Josh Alford Dec 31, 1969 · Lead / Onsight.