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Suggested Ratings 14

David A. Turner 5.10+
Bones Perkins 5.10+
Kevin Bradford 5.10+ PG13
Andy Laakmann 5.10c
Bo White 5.10c
Brian in SLC 5.10b/c R
Craig Hoffman 5.10b/c
Tony B 5.10
telepaulk 5.10
CTrudeau 5.10 PG13
Nick Stayner 5.10
Steven Lucarelli 5.10b
Dave Rone 5.10-
david goldstein 5.10-

On To-Do Lists 92

Rich Kelly
M. Morley
Matt Chan
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Ticks 37

Kyle Broxterman Sep 20, 2018 · 5 pitches. Lead / Onsight.
Daniel Birdwell Aug 9, 2018 · 6 pitches. Lead. Used doubles up to 2 4s. Save 3s for after the roof flake!
Jesse Ramos Aug 9, 2018 · Lead / Fell/Hung. With Birdwell
Seth Weinert Jul 7, 2018 · Lead.
Benja Je Jun 26, 2018 · 5 pitches. Stellar !
Eric Fjellanger Aug 15, 2016 · Led p2, 4
Jack Waeschle Jul 27, 2016 · 5 pitches. Follow. Came to do Snaz, but it was crowded, so Scott, Keenan and I did this one because no one was on it.
Tony B Jul 9, 2016 · With Kat A. cleaned broke trigger cam on bulge pitch & got cramped/fatigued. hung/fell.
griff bahrian Jun 28, 2016 · superb
telepaulk Jun 26, 2016 · Lead. send as part of Trifecta with BGust
JaminT Jun 7, 2015 · with garret, great climb
Greg Malloure Sep 9, 2014
Tom Merkt Aug 17, 2014 · followed Chris
JaminT Aug 16, 2014 · 1st and second pitches, blech, then suddenly classic...
Joe79 Aug 10, 2014
Steven Lucarelli Jul 6, 2014 · A classic for the Tetons! Swung leads with John, onsighted the crux and pitch 2.
Bones Perkins Jun 4, 2014 · Onsight, led every pitch
doug haller Mar 11, 2013
Gold Plated Rocket Pony Aug 3, 2012 · Led, 4th pitch was rough. Need to work on flared cracks! Walk off added 3 pitches to the climb and the decent trail sucked. Rap w/ double ropes next time.
Craig Hoffman Jun 7, 2012
Parker Kempf Dec 12, 2011
khoa Jul 30, 2010
Bo White Jun 30, 2010
John McMullen Apr 25, 2009 · Early 1990's
Michael Schneiter Jul 30, 2008
James Tucker Jul 29, 2008 · w/ Terri Sofarelli
Drake Jul 26, 2008 · Best crack pitch in the park!
Michael Layton Dec 30, 2007
jesseg Aug 18, 2007
Nick Stayner Jul 18, 2007 · W/ Trevor. Did Snazette into the last two pitches. Awesome linkup. Got Snazette and face crux leads.
Aaron Collins Sep 5, 2006 · little harder than a 10a in my experiance,could have something to do with only 1 2
Jordon Griffler Aug 17, 2006 · didnt get the crux pitch and technically didnt finish it but whatever it was fun
Nick Stayner Jun 10, 2006 · Onsighted first four pitches!
Charles Vernon Aug 20, 2005 · date approx w/Justin Wilcox. didn't do last pitch due to hangovers & fear. 1st 5 were great.
David A. Turner Jul 25, 2002 · Lead / Onsight. With Andy Selters. Best crack climb in the Tetons.
ddriver Aug 16, 1997 · Tracey & Steinmetz
Josh Alford Dec 31, 1969 · Follow. With Charlie Thomas. First real trad leads.Lol