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Tyler Smeenk 5.10
Jacob Dolence 5.10
cmrfixit 5.10b

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IDK what I am doing
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Sara Burrell
Matt Griffith

Ticks 8

Aaron Johnston May 23, 2018
Brian B Ballard Sep 17, 2015 · tr W hauls
cmrfixit Jul 3, 2013
cmrfixit Jul 2, 2013
Amy Warren May 17, 2010 · I think this was the one
Jeff S Jun 4, 2009 · Lead with some falls trying to figure out the powerful roof move. Climbed w/ Shane.
Shane Zumpf Jun 4, 2009 · Didn't really pull the crux move on this as it's a powerful move. Jeff had a great lead though.
Tyler Smeenk Jul 13, 2006 · Great lead climb, really fun roof, next time get better foot for clipping