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Luke Stefurak 5.10d R
Chris from Yorkshire 5.10+ R
Chris Bersbach 5.10+ PG13
scalparm 5.10+ PG13
Thomas Claiborne 5.10+
Steve Wheeler 5.10+ R
Jeff Gicklhorn 5.10+ R
Neil Rankin 5.10+ R
Aaron Cassebeer 5.10+ R
StrongArm 5.10+
Josh Janes 5.10+

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Joe Forrester
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Ticks 40

Borut Demsar Oct 23, 2018 · 3 pitches. Follow.
Chris Bersbach Aug 31, 2018 · Follow. Followed Joe in three pitches. P1 felt like a proper Laeger route. P3 so long and so high quality.
ahd Aug 26, 2018 · 3 pitches. lead p1 and p3, followed linked 55m p2
scalparm Jul 28, 2018 · 2 pitches. Lead / Fell/Hung. Beginning slab was tricky but casual. Two pitches with 70m, lots of rope drag on first pitch. Not enough runners.
Jon Clark Jun 27, 2018 · 1 pitch. Onsight
Juan Vargas Jun 25, 2018 · 5 pitches. Lead / Onsight. Led P1, P2, P4 onsight. Followed rest clean
Grant Koehler Jun 18, 2018 · Lead / Fell/Hung. 2 falls on lead on crux pitch. With Thomas
Ben Kraft Aug 20, 2017 · fell on 2
DylanJK Jul 3, 2017 · Lead / Onsight. led all in 3p
Evan Urton Jul 3, 2017 · Wussed out at the knob, rope gunned by DJK w/ no falls
Steve Wheeler Jun 16, 2017
Jeffrey Constine Dec 28, 2016 · Lead / Flash.
snowhazed Oct 6, 2016 · Lead.
Vicki Schwantes Sep 3, 2016 · Led p4, the long dihedral. SO COOL.
Joe Lee Aug 26, 2016 · w/ andy. followed
Ted Baker Aug 2, 2015
SirTobyThe3rd May 26, 2015 · Great climb.
Max Tepfer Sep 28, 2014
john durr Sep 12, 2014 · with dave
Johnny Y May 25, 2014 · led p3+4 w/ Marc, p2 crux felt harder
JSlack May 24, 2014
Vickys Sep 28, 2013 · followed hamik on all hard pitches. p3 dihedral full of diff jams and fun moves - so awesome!
Aaron Cassebeer Sep 7, 2013 · Onsight.
Dave Snyder Jun 29, 2013 · w/Loring
Ross Peritore Jul 21, 2012
Dave Snyder Jul 7, 2012 · w/Darren
Jake Hutchins Mar 5, 2012
Darren in Vegas Jul 19, 2011 · led 1, 2, 4
Cassidy Anderson Jul 3, 2011 · Corey
Nate Sydnor Jun 25, 2011 · With Evelyn. She took 30 ftrs on the crux. Led first pitch of Wicked, 5.12, instead. Woops.
Sarah Lute Jul 15, 2010
Jeffrey Gagliano Sep 9, 2009
Luke Stefurak Sep 6, 2009 · OS. First pitch is the most serious before you clip the bolt. 2nd, 4th pitches are very sustained.
John Davis Jun 20, 2008
Jared Brin Aug 27, 2006
Crack Addict Aug 20, 2005
Adam Eslahpazir Jul 24, 2003
StrongArm Sep 23, 2002 · with Mai
Tomaz Apr 17, 1999
Chris from Yorkshire Sep 11, 1996 · Awesome pitches, superb rock, adequate protection where it mattered. Deserves the stars and rating