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Suggested Ratings 7

Ryan Z 5.11
Tim Heid 5.11
Nat T. 5.11
SummitSender 5.11
Jacob Dolence 5.11-
Seth Dyer 5.10+
James Q Martin 5.10+

On To-Do Lists 18

Chris JD
Cameron King
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jayci Ferrimani
Johnny Francisco
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Richard Fernandez
Clay Mansfield
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Boots McGoots
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Caitlin Mac
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Armando Lozano
Kyle Cherney
Andrew John 1
Spencer Perry
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Jesse Oster

Ticks 7

Ryan Pelizzoni Apr 11, 2016
Nat T. Mar 9, 2016
Ben ZH Mar 6, 2016
Tim Heid Feb 15, 2016 · freakin' baked in the sun after pitch 2!
Jacob Dolence Dec 11, 2011 · wow, first three pitches are amazing, last pitch is wild
markguycan Oct 20, 2004 · Lead. w/ DW
Kenny P Oct 19, 2000 · With JB & Foster