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1rsties4life 5.11
Chris Archer 5.11b
Guy H. 5.11b
David A. Turner 5.11-
Andy Hansen 5.11-
slim 5.11a
Tony B 5.10d
Wayne Crill 5.10d
Rich Farnham 5.10d

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Rich Kelly
Andrew McLean
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Jon Prince
Christina kalb
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J. Broussard
Nic Lazzareschi
Evan Anderson
R Sather
Peter C.
Gabbi Nadine

Ticks 14

Mark Hammond Jun 16, 2016 · Follow. with a crew.
Andy Hansen Jun 16, 2016
Peter Lundgren Jul 26, 2015 · H
Carolyn Apr 14, 2015 · BV lead. Really strenuous roof section. Didn't get clean (Brian did some hauling to help me through). Midway something squeaked (bat?) from the crack so I hugged through that section. Really fun and thrutchy.
Andy Hansen Jun 28, 2014 · w/Rob
Tony B Jun 16, 2013 · Flashback with Kat A.
Maxito Jun 7, 2013 · OS. Looks a bit chossy but actually quite good.
SteveZ Nov 3, 2012
Guy H. Sep 3, 2012 · H's, great line but Death and Transfiguration is easier!
Mark Hammond Jul 29, 2012 · Cool but brief.
Justin88 May 18, 2011
kirkadirka May 27, 2010 · 1 hang on lead
Chris. T. Feb 4, 2009
Tony B May 20, 2006 · O.S. with A. Doak & R. Rice. Smaller hands might make it easier, but taller is also better.