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Suggested Ratings 8

James Beissel 5.5
tbol 5.5
Jim Turner 5.5
Nate Christiansen 5.5
Chris Zeller 5.4
Brian Kalet 5.4
Julius Beres 5.3
KateC 5.2

On To-Do Lists 139

Jake Wyatt
Brian Faulkner
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Scott McMahon
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Ticks 69

Annette Rebellato Martinet Oct 31, 2018
Cody D Oct 1, 2018 · Lead. lead w/ maggie following
Maggie Moran Oct 1, 2018 · Follow.
Ali Beach Sep 23, 2018 · Lead / Onsight. Sky route variation
Dustin Hooten Sep 23, 2018 · 2 pitches. Lead / Onsight. Led P2, Sky Route variation. Really fun exposure. Easy walk off + rappel
Sorrell Redford Sep 3, 2018 · Lead / Onsight. Great first multi pitch lead
Josh Lyon Aug 17, 2018 · 2 pitches. Lead / Onsight. Led Everett up a fun route that he said he enjoys so so much he could spend all day on it! It was a blast! Fun lead. Not to had at all. Did Sky Route in two pitches.
Adam Clatch Aug 13, 2018 · Lead / Onsight. First Trad Lead!
Erin Gunn Aug 12, 2018 · Lead / Flash. Second pitch was extremely run out. Need 4s and 5s to lead safely. Note rap station change.
David Mattingly Aug 5, 2018 · 2 pitches. Follow. followed Derick. 2 pitches, plus a short easy pitch to top out. TomP and DaveJ on the other rope. really good route.
Derick Page Aug 5, 2018 · Lead. lead the first 2 pitches. Dave Mattingly lead the 3rd to the summit. Used Camalot 3 and 4 lots.
Eliot Quon Sep 3, 2017 · Follow.
Nikhar Abbas Sep 3, 2017 · Lead.
Redbird Punk Aug 23, 2017 · Follow. Amazing view!
Ali Beach Aug 22, 2017 · Lead / Onsight. Mock guide with Courtney
Devon Colegrove Aug 17, 2017 · 2 pitches. Lead / Onsight.
Nick Thomas Aug 14, 2017 · 2 pitches. Lead / Redpoint. With dad! Sky var again
Nick Thomas Aug 12, 2017 · 1 pitch. Lead / Redpoint. Sky route var. Led one simul pitch
Glen Charnoski Aug 11, 2017 · Optional. Swapped leads? Gear used? Etc.
Mark Roth Aug 11, 2017
Forrest Shafer Feb 19, 2017 · First trad climb, with dad too!
E Ann Oct 2, 2016 · Lead. Erin Lead Todd follow
Joven Sep 17, 2016 · Lead.
Bobrunning Running Sep 3, 2016 · Lead / Onsight. Wonderful way to get to the top of the Owls.
Nick Thomas Aug 3, 2016 · Follow. Sky Route variation. First trad climb w/ Devon.
Matt Porebski Jul 30, 2016
Jim Turner Aug 29, 2015 · Led with Jennie. Our first multi pitch trad.
Ben Riggle Aug 18, 2015 · fun, but even easier than 5.5
paul northup Aug 13, 2015 · Top of twin owls! awesome!
khoa Jul 18, 2015
Duane Poslusny Oct 6, 2014
Matt Porebski Sep 26, 2014
marshall moose Sep 13, 2014
Sarah Meiser Aug 15, 2014 · Led P3, Ryan linked 1&2 (Sky Route var)
Ryan Marsters Aug 15, 2014
Mark Hammond Aug 7, 2014 · Lead. sky route
Canon Jan 15, 2014
ErinnB Sep 7, 2013 · Followed Mike up all three pitches.
Paul Kemp Aug 20, 2013
Seth G Aug 15, 2013 · 2 pitches. Lead. With Yul (age 12)
Jurak Ajdari Aug 10, 2013
Mark Egge Sep 23, 2012
Skottygopotty Sep 23, 2012 · With Leanna
Sco Bro Sep 15, 2012
Zach Wilson Aug 26, 2012 · Cliff lead. Laura and I followed. Sky variation.
Chris Winters Aug 8, 2012
Blake C Aug 5, 2012
Brian Kalet Oct 2, 2011 · Lead
Jes R Feb 11, 2011
Mark Hammond Nov 3, 2010 · Sky route, with Becky
ChrisZ Oct 3, 2010 · 2 pitches.
Pete eye Sep 21, 2010 · Sky route variation
Pete eye Aug 19, 2010 · L 1st p
Julius Beres Aug 19, 2010 · lead p2
jay durbin Oct 11, 2009 · great intro to lumpy
Aaron Stokes Oct 3, 2009 · 2nd pitch. with Greg. added new sling/ss quick link.
Brian Moore Sep 17, 2009
Julius Beres Sep 17, 2009 · Started on Pin and finished with Sky Route
KateC Aug 22, 2009
tbol Aug 21, 2009 · barefoot
Chris Zeller Aug 2, 2009 · With Mitch
James Beissel Nov 1, 2008 · Sky Route Variation with Rich F. In 3 pitches, led P1 and P3.
James Beissel Sep 20, 2008 · Led P1 on Sky Route variation w/ Dan S.
James Beissel Aug 3, 2008 · w/ Dan S. Led P2
Monty Aug 8, 2007 · onsight solo of sky route- splendid!
Tom Merkt Jul 15, 2007
johndoeafro Anderson Aug 22, 2006
Mark Hammond Jun 7, 1999 · Lead.
Mark Hammond Jul 5, 1998 · Lead / Onsight.