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Joe Collins 5.11d
Marty Combs 5.11d
Patrick Vernon 5.11d
Guy H. 5.11d
Devan Johnson 5.11c/d
Japhy Dhungana 5.11+
Noah McKelvin 5.11+
michalm 5.11+
Mr. Stevens 5.11+
Ol Toby 5.11+
Dusty 5.11+
EldoFiend 5.11+
Jeff G. 5.11+
Kevin Stricker 5.11+
e Dixon 5.11c
Mitch Friedeman 5.11c
Jonathan White 5.11c
Elliott Bates 5.11c
Joe Sambataro 5.11c
Drew Thayer 5.11c
Steven Lucarelli 5.11c
David A. Turner 5.11c
Rob Kepley 5.11
Greg Davis 5.11
slevin 5.11
Moritz B. 5.11
Wayne Crill 5.11
Aaron Ramras 5.11
Richard M. Wright 5.11b

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Ticks 117

vantvu Vu Aug 5, 2019 · Lead / Onsight. With Jaysen. Got really bad altitude sickness and was dry heaving. Led a couple pitches. Jay and Jesse were on pervertical. Followed crux pitch clean which was sick. Bailed after the crux pitch because of snow and hail storm. Type 2 experience for sure.
Hangdawgrob Sep 15, 2018 · 5 pitches. Lead / Onsight. with cliff. linked 1 and 2. led 3 and 5
Ryan Montoya Sep 15, 2018 · 5 pitches. Lead / Fell/Hung.
c t Sep 15, 2018 · Lead.
Jaysen Henderson Sep 2, 2018 · Lead. Climbed with van Onsighted through the crux pitch but bailed due to hail. Found the crux to be easy, maybe 11a
Armin climber Aug 31, 2018 · Lead / Fell/Hung. With Angel, lead first 3 pitches on our way to forest finish. Angel had enough and was freezing cold most of the day. Bailed from crossover ledge anchor. Bring 13 draws minimum.
Eric Warren Aug 12, 2018 · Lead. P1, P2, P4.
Nate Mankovich Aug 12, 2018 · Lead / Onsight.
Mr. Stevens Aug 11, 2018 · OS w/ Guy. Linked the mega crux. Amazing!
Guy H. Aug 11, 2018 · w/ Brian, quiet day on the Diamond for a weekend...
G B Jul 22, 2018 · 5 pitches. Follow.
Lauren LittleRedClimbingHood Jul 21, 2018 · 1 pitch. Follow. W Dave. P1 fun but had several toaster-to-microwave-sized death blocks. There was a very solid bail anchor at the top of P1; we rapped w doubles to avoid weather.
Patrick Vernon Jul 9, 2018 · Lead / Redpoint. RP. Tried in 2003, took a whipper. Came back today 15 years later and sent. Phenomenal climb!
Robert Daniel. Jul 4, 2018 · Lead. w/ Tim. led both cruxes ... tried to jam instead of laybck Crux one. oops. parallel cracks a blast. very sustained pitches
Nobleman Jul 4, 2018
Troy Tadlock Jul 1, 2018 · Lead / Fell/Hung. W/ Stuart. Got worked on the crux pitch! Awesome climbing
Daniel Dunn Jun 30, 2018 · W/Pete, Led all but P1
Jonathan White Jun 24, 2018 · 4 pitches. Lead. Combined 1/2 and 3/4, super long pitches. Crux hard. Best route I’ve climbed on the diamond
Justin S Jun 23, 2018 · Lead / Redpoint. Psyched! Nrly shvrd off. ~top 5 climb. Re-split tip on crux, still sent! w/jdub. Mostly amnesia.
Spencer Todd Cone Jun 12, 2018 · Lead / Fell/Hung. With Dave Hoven. 5.10 C1
Tony Luchetta May 26, 2018 · 4 pitches. Lead / Onsight. first 4 pitches with coop. early season!
Tim Hare Mar 19, 2018 · Lead.
Jer Collins Mar 5, 2018
andrew.reed Sep 2, 2017 · Lead. c2c 14.5 hrs. Fell at crux...again
Joe E Lee Aug 29, 2017 · Follow.
Armin climber Aug 27, 2017 · 3 pitches. Lead / Redpoint. With jake. Lead pitches 1 and 3, and then went right on crossover ledge to black dagger. Definitely needed #4.
michalm Aug 4, 2017 · Lead / Onsight. Babies R Us into D7 with Mike. Great weather until we started to rap.
Sam Vanderhyden Aug 1, 2017 · Lead.
Q B Aug 1, 2017 · Lead / Onsight. Onsight of upper pitches, always been stormed off. Phil led to Crossover I led to top. Great climb
andrew.reed Jul 23, 2017 · Lead / Fell/Hung. hung twice on crux pitch, bailed after due to weather and partner's AMS
303scott Jul 19, 2017 · 2 pitches. w/ wally to crossover, then forest finish
alix morris Jul 18, 2017 · Lead / Onsight. Leads evens, onsight
Mitch Friedeman Jul 18, 2017 · Lead / Flash. Hung to get a nut out on upper 11a pitch
Noah McKelvin Jul 17, 2017 · Lead. Swapped with Glen
Lyle Harte Jul 15, 2017 · Lead.
Armin climber Jun 21, 2017 · 2 pitches. Lead. Michelle's first time on the Big D. Most challenging conditions ever encountered in N chimney and on broadway. Full mountaineering gear required. Gear: full rack from black alien-#4. Lots slings/QD's. Doubles up to #1. Only made it up 2 pitches
Japhy Dhungana Mar 17, 2017 · Lead. Winter Diamond. W/ Zach Lovell. He led N Chimney, I led all of D7. 22 hrs C2C.
Benjamin Pontecorvo Sep 23, 2016 · Follow. Followed andrew up
Japhy Dhungana Aug 23, 2016 · Lead / Onsight. C2C w/ Tim. Lead all crux pitches OS. One of the best free climbs on the Diamond!
Nate A Aug 15, 2016 · Lead / Onsight.
Sam Miller Aug 12, 2016 · Lead / Fell/Hung. Fell on crux. Dropped our water and was super dehydrated
Tim Hare Aug 9, 2016 · Follow.
Justin S Jul 9, 2016 · Lead. just missed the OS w/ z clip, sent crux os. Linked crux pitches.c2c. Amazing hard alpine. w/Jackie
P. W. Jun 26, 2016 · Lead. Aided with angela, bailed just before crux bc of time
CanDillo Jun 23, 2016 · Lead. First 4
CanDillo Mar 14, 2016 · Follow. Winter Attempt 1.5 pitches before bail and storm
Gregger Man Sep 13, 2015 · Attempted D7 to Black Dagger, bailed after P2 with ice cold fingers. Bummer.
Moritz B. Sep 9, 2015
Devan Johnson Aug 21, 2015
DaveT Jun 30, 2015
Matt Combs Sep 27, 2014
Marty Combs Sep 26, 2014
GMax Maxson Aug 20, 2014
Keenan Waeschle Aug 17, 2014
Brad G Aug 13, 2014
Guy H. Jul 26, 2014 · Followed Aaron's RP of crux! (TL@11am)
Aaron Ramras Jul 26, 2014 · rp
T. Brumme Jul 19, 2014
Steven Amter Oct 25, 2013 · 1979 as aid route with Ron Sacks and Mike Sawicky.
Drew Thayer Sep 9, 2013 · link the 1st 5.9 pitches with a 70
Craig Muderlak Aug 16, 2013
Neil Wachowski Jul 31, 2013 · C2C, did it in four pitches. Led first two up until crux. Magnificent.
Monty Jul 22, 2013 · OS!
Colin Simon Aug 13, 2012 · with Brent
kirkadirka Aug 12, 2012 · still need a clean lead of crux pitch
butlerbt Aug 9, 2012 · w/ colin. lead pitches 2(link of 2+3),4,6
snowhazed Aug 8, 2012
Q B Jul 16, 2012 · Graupel and electricity began on the crux pitch. YIKES! climbed half pitch left to anchors to bail!
Mike Tsuji Jul 3, 2012 · W/ Dylan
Aaron Ramras Jun 29, 2012 · w/Guy. led crux with some hangs. incredible climbing!
Guy H. Jun 29, 2012 · Aaron's 1st time up the Big D!
kirill langer Jan 5, 2012 · winter ascent, that was so fucking cold. recommended for masochists
Colin Simon Jan 5, 2012 · With Kirill
andrew grieder Sep 26, 2011
k. riemondy Sep 4, 2011 · aid solo
Colin Simon Aug 19, 2011 · with will buckner
Dusty Aug 14, 2011 · left variation after crossover ledge. with Adam.
Guy H. Aug 9, 2011 · Only climbed the first few pitches, bailed when my partner got altitude sickness...
Wyatt Payne Aug 8, 2011 · Great route loads of pins. Single rack to 2 with Wires. F.
Elliott Bates Jul 30, 2011 · incredible climbing!
Andrew McLean Jul 16, 2011 · 2 pitches. Lead / Onsight. Bailed after 2 pitches due to wetness
neil chelton Nov 14, 2010 · Early November ascent, brrrr!
Cha Tate Sep 1, 2010
Bill Karam Aug 26, 2010
Bill Karam Aug 26, 2010
Dusty Aug 26, 2010 · Second time this week! RP! Finished on FF headwall.
Jeff G. Aug 21, 2010 · With Dusty. Spectacular climb, every pitch is brilliant. My favorite route on the wall.
Dusty Aug 21, 2010 · YES.
Sam Coffin Aug 16, 2010
Stuart Paul Aug 7, 2010 · to Forrest Finish to YWBL to Casual Finish -- led p1-2 on D7, and table ledge traverse to Kieners
Meg Jul 26, 2010 · Followed Steven - 1st route on the Diamond!
Steven Lucarelli Jul 24, 2010 · Lead and onsighted every pitch. The best route I've done on the Diamond
kirkadirka Jul 17, 2010
joel douglas Jul 14, 2010
Joe Sambataro Aug 9, 2009 · Great climb!
Mike Robinson Aug 3, 2009 · onsite first 3 pitches with Zak
EldoFiend Aug 3, 2009 · W/ Justin. All pitches lead OS (most by Mr. Daraie though). No more roasted garlic.
claytown Aug 23, 2008 · hard
SirVato Jul 24, 2008 · No tick, did 1st 3 pitches then bailed. Got suckered into thining the weather was going bad!!
Rob Kepley Jul 22, 2008 · Spectacular route. w/ John
e Dixon Jul 12, 2008
Paul Hunnicutt Jul 12, 2008 · Steep!!! Lead 1,3,5 Follow 2,4,6 Climbed it at 5.10/5.11 C0
Chris. T. Aug 11, 2007
Lenore Sparks Aug 1, 2007 · w/ Sang
Armin climber Jul 15, 2006 · eric dragged me up, my first route on the diamond, bailed due to weather after a few pitches
Ross Swanson Jul 3, 2006 · when 2002 w/ Peter I lead all pitches except last.
Charles Vernon Aug 25, 2005 · date approx w/Ben C, aided crux and rapped after crux pitch. Cold day.
Charles Vernon Jul 18, 2005 · date approx with Pat, 'Komito Freeway'
J Webb Jun 15, 2005 · Classic. Fell my way up. Rapped to descend...
Todd Ritter Mar 18, 2005 · 1 pitch. Lead.
Mark Hammond Jul 17, 2001 · W/Alex. One pitch pretty wet.
Bosier Parsons Jul 7, 2000
David A. Turner Jul 1, 1998 · Lead / Onsight. with Jim Ghiselli
Ryan Franz May 25, 1997
Chris N Aug 7, 1980 · w/ Jim Morrison. AID We had a scary night on top - way too much lightning.
orbitalis Dec 31, 1969
Madaleine Sorkin Dec 31, 1969 · Lead. multiple ascents; not sure which first year