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d-know 5.11a
Arie 5.11a
Boissal . 5.11a
John Steiger 5.11a
Dan Ruch 5.11a
Nathan Fisher 5.11a

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Mark Evans
Jon Prince
Chris Burk
Aaron Haslam
Adam Menz
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Michael Bolton
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Ally Lamb
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Luna Luna
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Angela Shields
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Ticks 9

Dan Ruch Dec 9, 2017 · Follow. Flailed around bolt one forever, then clean to the top from there. Slab climbing is hard.
Landon McBrayer Jun 30, 2011
Mr. Butts Oct 20, 2010 · rp-l
Arie Mar 20, 2010
seaboc Nov 19, 2009 · TR
Mr. Butts Oct 23, 2009 · l-1f (ledge dab)
Arie Apr 18, 2009
d-know Jan 25, 2006 · took me a couple of tries
Arie Mar 31, 2001