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rattatatt 5.10c/d
Jon Hooke 5.10c
philfell 5.10b
Court Skabelund 5.10b
Nathan Fisher 5.10b

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Mark Evans
Justin Lozier
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Derek Newman
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Ryan Bickmore
Jordan Gans
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Ticks 8

Jon Hooke Jul 4, 2018 · Lead / Onsight. I'd call this a true on-site, because I didn't know what route I was climbing. Pumps, overhanging, short but a good lead
David Skedadle Dec 5, 2017
Jcbrown2012 Jun 26, 2015
Court Skabelund May 28, 2015 · one of the first climbs I did.
Landon McBrayer Jul 19, 2012
rattatatt Aug 28, 2011 · french freed my way up. Seemed ultra stout for a 10.b.
Justin Lozier Jul 30, 2009 · Lead attempt, got pumped out, did not complete. Super pumpy! I will be back...
Mr. Butts Aug 19, 2008 · l-ts, rp-l