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Ticks 72

Arin Earl Nov 7, 2018 · Lead / Onsight. Led 2nd pitch for 250'. Chimneys didn't feel any harder than Epinephrine
Kevin Shoemaker Oct 4, 2018 · Lead / Onsight. Pretty damn fun route
Eric Seiler Sep 29, 2018
chaz E May 22, 2018 · Lead / Redpoint.
william bridges May 16, 2018 · 4 pitches. Lead / Onsight. committing
Lou Hibbard Apr 16, 2018 · 4 pitches. With Adam P. Onsighted all P's. Led 2,4. Great to grovel again
Kathryn Amelia Mar 29, 2018
BIG FUN Mar 29, 2018 · Lead. with kathryn. lead pitch 1, recommend breaking the second pitch up
Lavran Johnson Mar 8, 2018 · 4 pitches. Lead / Onsight. Led P2 (~150 ft, ledge below bulges), P4 (handcrack to top). Ben got off route on P3, loose rock.
Benjamin Swank Mar 8, 2018 · 4 pitches. Lead / Onsight. Physical, not too run out. Definitely harder than epinephrine. Moves out on the face are easy with cool exposure. Slick rock on Chimneys
kim.bergsten Feb 4, 2018 · Lead.
Zoe Stone Feb 2, 2018 · Led p1
Rprops Jan 18, 2018 · w Chris
Amy Barko Jan 14, 2018 · Follow.
Sean Cooney Jan 7, 2018 · Lead / Onsight. first hundred feet of pitch 2 are fairly scary. can definitely leave the number fours on the ground.
Nick Buffini Jan 4, 2018 · Lead.
oskarski Leszczynski Nov 29, 2017
Cameron Casey Nov 24, 2017 · Follow. First chimney ever! Painful!
Alex James Nov 21, 2017 · Lead.
Eric Villarreal Nov 20, 2017 · Lead / Fell/Hung.
Gary N Nov 2, 2017 · Lead / Onsight.
T KJ Oct 20, 2017 · 4 pitches. Follow. Top of the chimney is the crux. Move off ledge is also tough. Last pitch is incredible.
Dan Kim Apr 4, 2017 · Lead / Onsight. Swapped leads. Lead pitch 2.
Andrew Mark Nov 17, 2016 · Lead. Climbed the first two pitches in prep for Epi. With Clayton
Clayton Ernst Nov 10, 2016 · Lead. Climbed to top of chimneys in 3 pitches with Andrew Mark, then rapped. Burly 'warmup' for Epi!
divnamite Nov 8, 2016 · Lead P1 and P2. P2 is full length 70M.
Kellie Hintze Nov 6, 2016 · 1 pitch. Lead / Onsight. Climbed with Allie in four pitches- split pitch 2 in half, climbed odds (P1 and 2nd half of p3)- Allie led monster squeeze
Jeff Klassen Nov 1, 2016 · Lead / Onsight.
Justin James Oct 12, 2016 · Follow.
Nate Vince Mar 1, 2016 · Onsight w/ Hope C. She led 1st pitch. Second pitch it long.
Anatoly P. Nov 14, 2015 · Excellent effort with Matt Jensen
Edward Pyune May 13, 2015 · led p2 with aaron and pat
Gaar May 12, 2015
R Sather Mar 25, 2015 · OS
Alyssa Countway Mar 25, 2015
Jeremy Bauman Mar 24, 2015 · Climbed w/ Gentrye. Better as 4 pitches. Belay at the small ledge outside the chimney
SM B Feb 19, 2015 · Led p3
shh Feb 19, 2015
H.J. Feb 14, 2015 · Followed Jacob Belsher
MattH99 Jan 18, 2015
Thaddeus VanDenBerghe Oct 16, 2014
Likeasummerthursday Sep 16, 2014 · With Rico. Led the chimney to the alcove, Rico got is out. Led p3. Rapped Cat.
Cameron Deremer Jun 16, 2014 · Lead first pitch
christopher burton Apr 19, 2014 · w/ chris and lauren
Leeanne Mar 31, 2014 · followed Greg. Windy, tough chimney, loose rock on last pitch.
GregParker Mar 31, 2014 · with Leeanne and Joe
kevin graves Feb 15, 2014
Flava Flav Jan 1, 2014 · Led p1 and finished up to bail halfway up p2 bold! Eric and Jen
Sayfe Nov 2, 2013 · Second pitch is a classic. We brown it into two pitches- first part of pitch II is a classic chimney, hard but everything is there. The second part of pitch II has an excellent combo of chimney, overhang, mantle, some face,... Excellent route. With Cathe
Marek Popiel Mar 18, 2013 · 1st pitch to the start of Cookie Monster; followed Kevin E.
Paul Morley Feb 22, 2013 · w/Nick Kainrath. a lot of work. lead the last pitch. tough 5.8pitch after 200 ft of chimney
Nick Jan 16, 2013 · w/ Paul
Zack Novak Dec 10, 2012 · Fun and varied, hard for the grade
Mostafa Noori Nov 26, 2012 · OS P1, P2 (second half) with Michelle
fossana Nov 25, 2012 · belayed P2 on the sloping ledge below the lieback; led P2, 4 with Mostafa
Andrew Yasso Oct 26, 2012 · Guided 1:1 - to train client for Epinephrine
Darren in Vegas May 13, 2012 · with gomoll
JC Schneider May 11, 2012
Matt Kuehl Apr 21, 2012 · os w/ dan
Ian Donnelly Mar 16, 2012
Andy Hansen Mar 15, 2012 · w/Katy
Cory k. Mar 10, 2012 · w/ Ian great time
Rich Kelly Mar 8, 2012 · w/John
Dan Petty May 3, 2011 · Onsight, Led the first half of the second pitch and the last pitch.
Nathan Scherneck Mar 17, 2011 · Led P1, P3 OS. With Derek Bomholt.
Steve Blevins Apr 4, 2009 · w/Guy. I lead 2nd pitch
J. Thompson Mar 11, 2009 · With Paul
John Wilder Nov 10, 2008 · With matt. Sustained and memorable.
John Hegyes Sep 30, 2008
NateC Mar 24, 2007 · With Jason Clardy and Bill Hobbins
Aaron S Oct 13, 2006 · w/ Matt
ddriver Dec 31, 1969 · Optional. Swapped leads? Gear used? Etc.