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Hard Time

5.11d, Sport, 60 ft (18 m),  Avg: 3 from 2 votes
FA: Jamie Coin
S Dakota > Spearfish Canyon > Shadowlands > Court House Wall


A fairly similar route when compared to its cell mate to the left. Goofy holds and goofier climbing lead to sick holds and powerful moves that require a type of precision and determination only rivaled by that dude who dug himself out of Shawshank Prison in that cheesy Steven King movie -that no one watched- but somehow has an entire station devoted to it during Thanksgiving.

After crawling through a sewer of small holds enjoy bigger holds through a roof pull and be sure to do that Jesus Christ pose thing that Tim Robbins pulled off so well, but didn't win an Oscar for, before you clip the chains.


Second route from the left hand side of The Court House Wall.


bring 10 quickdraws. Stick clip second bolt.