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EE Bond

3rd, TR, 20 ft,  Avg: 1.5 from 2 votes
FA: Ken + Sharon Roberts
New York > Powerlinez > s. Books Tier > 8. Check Book


Starter investment for long-term future achievement.
Thoughtful scramble (alas too short).

Useful to get up to and down from the top of the Check Book wall.

Go up the gully, which gets narrower. Then before the top go right.

warning: The rock on and around this route has not been climbed much yet, and much of the rock is still breakable and loose -- so the belayer and other people should stand far away from underneath the climber.

. . . (Lots of vegetation on this rock as of 2016. Be prepared when climbing to navigate around protruding trees and branches, and dealing with holds slippery with grass, lichen, moss, dirt).


Gully just left of 6 ft x 2 ft detached block below a pillar with an overhanging top hat.

--> See on this routes photo ... Far Left


Protection for Trad leading is unknown.

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Check Book wall - Far Left:<br>
aQ. EE Bond<br>
aR. Straight Coupons<br>
aS. Balloon Payment<br>
aT. Tax Angle<br>
aU. Inversion Offshore<br>
[Hide Photo] Check Book wall - Far Left: aQ. EE Bond aR. Straight Coupons aS. Balloon Payment aT. Tax Angle aU. Inversion Offshore