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The Land Down Under

5.8, TR, 40 ft,  Avg: 3.5 from 2 votes
FA: 05/14/16
Rhode Island > Snake Den > Quarry


So I've looked this route up before and there is no information at all about it being climbed. Today my friends and I decided to give it a go. It's very easy at first but the ledges start to become steeper making it harder. It requires a bit of technique towards the top. It's was a little mossy at first but we took care of that for you guys. We named it after a fitting song that came on pandora when we finished the climb. You feel like your under the rock the way it comes out.


You can find this off of the first trail at the first parking lot. You can't miss it which is why I can't believe there is nothing on it.


We set up top rope

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Here is the route which I took. It's very easy at first but it gets very steep and requires some technique to finish it.
[Hide Photo] Here is the route which I took. It's very easy at first but it gets very steep and requires some technique to finish it.

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North Kingstown, RI
[Hide Comment] Kasey,

The first parking lot coming from RT 6 or the first lot from RT 5? I may have climbed on that cliff before but whether I've done that exact route is doubtful.
There is an old guidebook on my website.

Brian May 15, 2016
[Hide Comment] Hey Brian!

It's coming from Hartford Ave so route 6. I looked on that site you posted and it's not on there at all. It's the first trail off to the left in the big parking lot. Stay to the left of the trail when you go in. If you climb it let me know what you think of the grade I gave it. I can change it if you think otherwise. May 16, 2016
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Ok so this might help. I grabbed the photo off of the site you gave me. I'm assuming that those dots on the map are the trails. So if the trail head is at the beginning of those little dots then the red dot that I placed is where the crag would be in relevance to the first trail head coming from route 6. You go up the first trail that starts in the parking lot off to the left. It will then fork off to either left or right (which will form a loop). You want to stay left all the way around and continue like your making a loop. Eventually you'll see it off to the right. It's not on the main trail but there is a part of the trail that branches off to the crag from other people walking there. Its a very faint trail but you'll see it. Hopefully this helps!

Kasey May 16, 2016
[Hide Comment] Oh sweet! Thanks! I'm always up for anything. I have been trying to find Venom for the longest time but I still can't find it :( May 16, 2016
[Hide Comment] I suspect that climb you did was in the area labeled "quarry" as there seem to be quarry marks on the rock you are climbing... May 18, 2016
[Hide Comment] Yes, this is the area marked quarry in the map. May 24, 2016
North Kingstown, RI
[Hide Comment] Kasey, I hung a rope on this today and rope-soloed it. I don't mean to be a jerk and sandbag your route but I tried to make it as hard as I could and couldn't come up with anything harder than 5.8. Maybe a reach thing? I'm 5'11". If you do Battle of the Bulge 5.11- over on Crag 6 that should be only slightly harder than a 5.10+. It is WAY harder than this route. May 26, 2016
[Hide Comment] Soloed this route today on my way out. The two moves In the middle section felt 5.8 ,and the rest of it felt 5.7ish. Jun 2, 2016
M Sprague
New England
[Hide Comment] 4 stars, eh? As good as Astroman, China Beach or Ant's Line ;) Kasey, we've got to get you around a bit more. Two or even one star routes are still fun and may leave you grinning (especially if your own routes) Watch out for that new route bug! Jun 3, 2016
[Hide Comment] OMG I'm so sorry I just saw all these post! Im only 5'0 so I'm pretty short. I have to jump to reach things! But I can make it a 5.8 since there is that one spot everyone seems to "struggle" with Jun 9, 2016
[Hide Comment] Also, remember to stay towards the left and climb the cack! It makes it a bit harder! Jun 9, 2016