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Fall of Vegas

5.10a, Sport, 50 ft (15 m),  Avg: 2.3 from 150 votes
FA: Mike Bond
Nevada > Southern Nevada > Red Rock > 05-Sandstone Qu… > Wake-Up Wall
Access Issue: Red Rock RAIN AND WET ROCK: The sandstone is fragile and is very easily damaged when wet. Details


Another warm-up; Cruxy (10A) start to 5.9 terrain on good holds. Pretty fun climibng.


10 feet left of Skid Mark, 10 Feet Right of Blame It on My A.D.D.


5 Bolts to Mussys

This route was bolted solely for the purpose of allowing for the first ascent, and the first ascent information is posted here solely to document the history of the first ascent. No person should read this posting with the assumption that this route or the fixed gear left behind is safe in any way or otherwise appropriate to allow for safe subsequent ascents. Climbing is dangerous and should only be done with the appropriate training and risk management practices that include providing for the climberÂ’s own safety. Attempting to climb this route as described above or by any other means or methods could result in injury or death.

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Slabby at the top--GREAT!...
[Hide Photo] Slabby at the top--GREAT!...
Thanks, Austin, for playing shutter bug.  Thanks, too, Phillipe, for the belay.
[Hide Photo] Thanks, Austin, for playing shutter bug. Thanks, too, Phillipe, for the belay.

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[Hide Comment] Route name irony, methinks. Thanks for the new routes, amigo. Hope to get a chance to check em out one of these days. Still haven't been on Mike's Grindhouse stuff yet; kinda on a crack jag. If the wrist is good we should do Empire soon, you'll like it. Nov 22, 2011
[Hide Comment] And smoking them, but that's why we love ya! Hit me up about Empire anytime, I might even put up a Calico route or three with ya if ya redpoint the splitter and tell me how soft my grade is :)

And the real Killis drinks baby blood and Roosts at night on permadraws. Or some such nonsense. IF he/she exists... Nov 23, 2011
[Hide Comment] This was a fun climb. A little slab with a fun surprise at the top. I'm not a strong climber and didn't feel this was 10a compared to the 10a's in the area. I would rate it 9+ Jun 11, 2012
MN norske
Austin, MN
[Hide Comment] both anchor bolts are loose to the point this climb is NOT safe to rappel or lower off. I topped out and traversed to skid mark to lower. Great climb but needs new anchors. Apr 13, 2014
dnoB ekiM
[Hide Comment] Anchors replaced with 1/2" x 4.5" stainless Powers. Bolts and hangers courtesy of ASCA. I also added Mussy hooks. The anchor is now a couple feet lower to prevent the rope rub issue caused by the old location. Oct 11, 2014
[Hide Comment] Good route 2.5 stars. There's a fun sit start dyno to the normal starting hold that's about V3 imo. Feb 29, 2016
Brian F
[Hide Comment] Right anchor bolt is wobbling and should be replaced. Left anchor bolt appears to still be solid. Apr 1, 2019