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Storming the Castle

V2, Boulder, 20 ft (6 m),  Avg: 3.8 from 115 votes
FA: unknown
Tennessee > Stone Fort > Front Area > Castle Wall


I've seen this called V1, but I thought it was a sandbag at that. This climbs the really cool wall topped by castle-like parapets. The crux is at the very top, so be solid, or use a rope.


In the Entrance Area, on the castle wall.


Mind control, or a TR

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almost done!
[Hide Photo] almost done!
Great no hands right before the crux.
[Hide Photo] Great no hands right before the crux.
Hyland storming the castle
[Hide Photo] Hyland storming the castle
Contemplating life...
[Hide Photo] Contemplating life...
Storming the Castle (V2) climbs the clean slab about 8 feet left of the corner.
[Hide Photo] Storming the Castle (V2) climbs the clean slab about 8 feet left of the corner.
Mark Ulbrich topping out on "Storming The Castle".
[Hide Photo] Mark Ulbrich topping out on "Storming The Castle".
Storming the Castle lol
[Hide Photo] Storming the Castle lol
A committing final set of moves!
[Hide Photo] A committing final set of moves!
Storming the Castle with Conrad Anker's chalkbag on
[Hide Photo] Storming the Castle with Conrad Anker's chalkbag on
Storming the Castle
[Hide Photo] Storming the Castle
Dobbe storming the castle.
[Hide Photo] Dobbe storming the castle.

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Vandalia, Appalachia
[Hide Comment] One of the best highballs I've ever done. You keep hoping that a positive edge for your hands is going to appear, and it doesn't! Smeary footwork the whole way. Jan 16, 2012
Tom Caldwell
Clemson, S.C.
[Hide Comment] Definitely not a V2, but there were several moves that felt near V1. Three different moves that all had slopey feet and hands, with the last one being the hardest. Jan 31, 2012
Mike O'Connor
Bishop, CA
[Hide Comment] Bring your chalk bag... you will need it. Dicey topout. Feb 9, 2012
JohnWesely Wesely
[Hide Comment] Super rad and much harder at the top than appears from the ground. Aug 8, 2012
Paul Kummer
West Fargo, ND
[Hide Comment] I personally thought the middle part was the hardest. You get some nice sidepulls except for the middle. but not much else besides some slopey crimps. Once you get the hand jam at the top you finally feel solid and relax a bit. If you do climb this remember you are on slab. I found myself holding tense lockoffs then I realized that could actually go hands free because it is slabby enough. Feb 17, 2015
Doug Foster
V2 PG13
[Hide Comment] It's funny how much harder this is than Making Waves, a V2 highball over at Rocktown. Super fun. I found that the crux was in the middle, not the top like some people said. Oct 16, 2016
Daniel Woodward
Clearwater, FL
  V2-3 PG13
[Hide Comment] Just be warned,the day I was on this Id sent a v6 but plucked off the very top of storm the castle.. when you think v1, this isn't it except maybe at hp40. Even messing up my ankle after falling, cant wait for revenge on this... be solid on hand jamming for the send and downclimb, and get on this Jul 18, 2017
Case Edmondson
Madison, WI
[Hide Comment] FWIW, broke my leg off the top of this thing on January 27 2019. Don't want to scare anybody off of this thing that wants to do it, but I thought I would chime in for the scary stories so that whoever wants to can weigh the past experiences of others before going. Hope there are many sends better than my attempt, and good luck!!! Jan 27, 2019
Natalie Hawley
Dayton, TN
[Hide Comment] What would it take for the admin to adjust the grade of this problem to include PG13? I’ve been present for too many injuries on this one, including a serious broken leg a few days ago. This isn’t a highball that people bail off of and land weird; it’s legit difficult and heady enough that you can fall and crashpads aren’t going to offer ample protection. Jan 29, 2019
Jordan Cady
Nashville, TN
  V3 PG13
[Hide Comment] Bring plenty of crash pads, but don’t count on bailing unless you do it early. Spent about 10min on the wall so bring your chalk! Definitely PG-13 May 25, 2020
Michael Atlas
Charlotte, NC
[Hide Comment] Think I saw an instagram post about this today...another person broke their leg / legs on this problem. Apr 19, 2021
Jeremiah White
Colorado springs
  V2 R
[Hide Comment] Sprained my ankle on this bad boy with a double pad landing, just top rope it. It's not worth it guys, the top is easily a v2 move with sketch feet. Oct 10, 2021
Klein VerHill
Pittsburgh PA & northern India
  V2 PG13
[Hide Comment] Took the long ride after botching the crux move before the top out. Landed on a single pad. Thankfully my legs didn't snap, but I suffered a compression fracture to my L3 vertebrae. I approached this one a little too casually. Thankful not to be paralyzed, and should make a full recovery in 4-6 months. Word to the wise, use multiple pads, spotters, or a rope.
Came back 10 months later and did two las on TR-Solo. Should've done that the first time. Nov 5, 2021
Jake Risch
Leadville, CO
[Hide Comment] Saw someone break their tib fib coming off the last move recently. I agree that though the climbing is pretty cool, it's best to just top rope it or be very confident with tricky and insecure slab climbing.
That all being said, this is a unique and fun route! Nov 8, 2021
Brandon Newton
Nashville, TN
  V1 R
[Hide Comment] Definitely an experience. Crux is secure, but a little cryptic.

Couple points of beta here:

- There is a bolted anchor at the top, trivial to set up a TR.

- You can walk up/off by taking a small gully a minutes walk from the bowling ball boulder on the upper trail.

- There is basically a point of no return when you get to the second horizontal crack, I was not able to down climb the move on a rope. YMMV.

- If this were a route it’d be a bit like soloing a 5.11 slab, so take that into consideration before attempting.

- Like most highballs, it’s important to work out beta on a rope before committing to a redpoint.

Hoping less people break their ass on this climb in the future… climb smart y’all! Nov 2, 2022
Brennan Cordova
Houston, TX
[Hide Comment] To Tristen and Dawson at High Point mid-city in Huntsville; Don't let the haters keep you from storming this mf. It's not that bad just be confident. We got the beta dialed with 2 goes on a top rope.

That being said, I didn't do it. Thing was slimy asf and the two scary moves were greased in the heat. When I come back in the cooler temps it's going down idc if I have to donate my leg to the wall. PM me to storm Sep 5, 2023
[Hide Comment] Feels taller than 20 feet. Be careful Nov 1, 2023
Pete Beyel
  V3 R
[Hide Comment] as Brandon said, there's a point of no return about 2/3 up. bring your slab feet and your highball game for this line.

accessing the TR anchors is complicated by the cabin and the stupid fucking deck installed by LRC's prior owners. Tread very carefully in pulling on the deck itself when topping out or traversing in to set the TR.

the easiest way to access the top of the boulder itself is the gulley to the right of the Pou wall. ascend it, and then make your way left. if you like to get traddy, you can also climb up the fist/hands/offwidth VO, "Corner Crack" which feels really secure. Dec 1, 2023
[Hide Comment] I see a fence at the top in some of the pictures… wtf is that about? Dec 25, 2023
Matthew Baker
Asheville, NC
  V2 R
[Hide Comment] Wouldn’t hop on this thing unless you’re a confident 5.10 slab climber. The v2-v1 rating is accurate if you’re accustomed to slab. Otherwise you’ll find yourself high off the deck waiting for a sprained ankle when you bail. May 4, 2024