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Umbrella Pillars Route

WI5-6 Steep Snow, Ice, Snow, Alpine, 300 ft, Grade II,  Avg: 3 from 1 vote
FA: Bradley White , 1984
New Hampshire > NH Ice & Mixed > . Northern NH > Dixville Notch


Parasol got its name from the hung pillared curtain left (now central) before its top. The of water has increased and its unlikely to have fanged pillars. That's ice.
I ascended the two largest pillars left of the main flow. One Foot and hand for each pillar. The pillared curtain was solid enough for an ice screw near the top. Free soloing tapping to lightly feet didn't hold and I fell but one tool held. I stayed where I was hung on by the (now archaic) wrist sling. I got back on me feet and stopped TAPPING! No more played nice with the ice. The inclined vertical ice wasn't the crux. The mantle moves were onto a flat ledge of frozen pooling pretty rippled water. Getting an ax pick to stick in that took way too long. What a panic. Its short but very strenuous and who knows when it will be in again?


Central parking lot of the south side of the notch


ice tube pick on one of the axes, arm slings, and slings from tools attached to the harness.