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See Through

WI4+, Ice, 100 ft (30 m),  Avg: 2 from 1 vote
FA: unknown
Colorado > CO Ice & Mixed > Wolf Creek Pass… > Wolf Creek Pass- W Side


Another climb all by itself and rarely in due to sunhit. This climb is fed by a monsterous avy bowl above with multiple avy paths also threatening the approach which is longer and steeper than it looks. You should be very aware of the conditions before venturing up here.


A little further down the West side of the pass from Topless and on the same (North) side of the road. Look for the large avalanche path with large, man-made, mogul-like bumps ostensibly to slow down slides. Find somewhere to park where you are well off the road so you won't get ticketed by the always present state patrol car in the pass. If you can't find a well plowed shoulder, it's likely the avy danger is too high. Slog up and left of the large avy path on to a bench and you will begin to see another large avy path and a small cliff further up slope which becomes more apparent as you gain elevation. See Through, if it's in, forms in the middle of this cliff.

Plan on about an hour for the approach in good conditions. Use snowshoes.

This climb can be scouted from the road.