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5.11a, Sport, 45 ft,  Avg: 2.7 from 62 votes
FA: Eddie Whittemore, 1992
Tennessee > Foster Falls > Sanford Wall


Great route with a couple of intermittent rests that are good enough to recover on, and a tricky sequence after the third bolt. This climb is short but sweet with well spaced bolts. Guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face.


In between "Junkyard" and "The Big One" on the Sanford Wall. The Sanford wall is marked by a large tree growing right up against the right-most climb called "Grey Matter."


4 bolts to shuts

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Me doing the crux move wrong. Don't do it this way.I did it... but it was wrong.
[Hide Photo] Me doing the crux move wrong. Don't do it this way.I did it... but it was wrong.
Sussing out the last few moves to the chains
[Hide Photo] Sussing out the last few moves to the chains
RoLLO! Climber: Nick Evans
[Hide Photo] RoLLO! Climber: Nick Evans

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My house
[Hide Comment] Good looking wall and route, bolting job not the best, second bolt could be lower, don't know if I'd climb this one again. Nov 26, 2009
Westminster, CO
[Hide Comment] This route has 3 bolts instead of 4 as the description and the previous 2 guidebooks detail. The bolts are spaced at 15-ft intervals plus the anchors puts this route around 60-ft. This route is very thought provoking, but safe if you were to whip at the cruxes. My biggest complaint with the Watford guidebooks is the lack of route recommendations, but maybe my standards of good routes is much lower ever since I moved from NC to Chossorado! This route and the others should at least get 2 out 3 stars when you consider how popular and chalked up this wall is. Mar 16, 2010
[Hide Comment] The 2nd bolt is way too high; I've seen two groundfalls even from attentive belayers, with fortunately not much harm to the startled climber. I believe another bolt to prevent the potential grounding would make it safer. Apr 5, 2010
Matthew Bishop
Birmingham, Alabama
[Hide Comment] Great route, but definitely requires a attentive/skilled technical belayer. I have heard/read many stories of people taking ground falls from either clipping 2nd or 3rd bolt, but this seems to be the product of poor belaying/clipping.

2nd bolt falls are probably more to do with the belayer not being up close to the wall / too much slack out in the line.

3rd bolt has this fun thin gaston intermediate to a jug. Every story I have heard of ground falls is from people trying to clip off the gaston.... there is a jug right above it to clip off of. The 3rd bolt has also been extended with a ''perma'' but the gate is quite stiff - just clip a draw into it to save on the pump. I have taken quite a few falls here, and not decked.

Just be smart about your clipping and safe about your belaying and you will really enjoy this super classic route! Jan 21, 2014
[Hide Comment] I meant to post this a few years back. Eddie Whittemore was saying that anyone that wanted to add a reasonable bolt on a climb that seemed dangerous was welcome to do so. Just passing it on. Jun 9, 2014
[Hide Comment] As mentioned in previous comments, be careful between first and second bolt. It's an unexpected crux and your belayer needs to be 100% attentive. I was one of the unfortunate ones to take a ground fall here and figured I should reiterate the necessity of attentive belaying, especially on this route. Sep 3, 2017