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5.10b, Sport, 85 ft (26 m),  Avg: 2.9 from 206 votes
FA: Alan Catabriga 1988
New Hampshire > Rumney > Meadows > Center Section
Access Issue: Note: New route moratorium area Details


A great route though a little lichen covered in parts, will likely get a lot cleaner now that it is fully bolted. A nice long single pitch of mostly juggy but interesting steep climbing. Yet another quality 5.10 at Rumney.

The original trad line started up near Rhino Buckets and followed the corner pretty much to the top of the cliff.
The line was recently retro-bolted and follows a slightly different line beginning down left to avoid some wet spots and follow the best rock. Just look for the line of bolts to the left of Rhino-buckets and climb away. Beta for the top - Once you clip the last bolt, traverse left on the horizontal, then layback the nice arete until you can reach the incut jugs back right - more fun and avoids the thin, dirtier moves you run into going strait up from the ledge on the right.

It has always been a great route... now the masses will know it too...

This is one of my favorite routes at the meadows.


From the corner of the big parking lot, hike up the trail to the Holderness Corner area and take a left. As the trail squeezes through two boulders, look to your right. This is the right most bolted line that starts from the ground level (as opposed to off the ledge to the right)


11 SS glue-ins and anchors with clippies. Bring a few longer draws. Or, If you want the original flavor, bring a trad rack up to 3".

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A photo that includes some more features at the top of the crag to make it a little easier to find this route.
[Hide Photo] A photo that includes some more features at the top of the crag to make it a little easier to find this route.
Misdemeanor - The line approximately follows the red rope.
[Hide Photo] Misdemeanor - The line approximately follows the red rope.

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M Sprague
New England
[Hide Comment] This is a wonderful line (strong 2 stars IMO). With some cleaning, I agree with Lee and think it is the best 5.10 in the Meadows/Parking lot wall area. It is a nice long single pitch, with steep interesting moves on generally great holds. It is currently in the process of getting retroed, per the request of Alan (sorry Lee and other traddies :(( ) A group of us (just to be clear, this is not an RCA project) are pitching in. Alan said he would scrub it up if we helped him bolt it. At least with bolts it should stay much cleaner, as I am sure it will become very popular! The intention is to start a little to the left than originally, to keep you out of the wet mung and plants. Jun 2, 2014
lee hansche
goffstown, nh
[Hide Comment] well i cant argue with it if Alan wants it bolted but i thought it was fine on gear and filthy... oh well another route where i will be able to use the line "why when i was your age that was a trad route!" Jun 2, 2014
Matt Levine
Concord, NH
[Hide Comment] I am excited for this to get retro'ed. Even as I get more and more comfortable with trad, 5.10c still seems a bit bold for me. Jun 3, 2014
S. Neoh
[Hide Comment] Cool. Anything to keep it cleaner. Good climbing but looked dirty for the past 10 years or so. Putting in a new, drier start would be great.
Can't wait to check it out. Jun 4, 2014
[Hide Comment] NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

NRG is one of my favorite destinations, mostly because of the varied styles. I realize that Rumney has evolved in a different way, but preserving the few remaining high quality traditional lines -- that get climbed as they are -- seems prudent to me. There are Rumney climbers that lug rucks around! I love Rumney, but shake my head at bolted trad lines (and I've drilled many dozens of bolts).

I realize this is a shitty arguement and often used to justify r/x rates routes (protection is not an issue here): Mlevine, something you can aspire to. If you'd like to lead this route, learn to place gear more efficiently. I'd even be happy to teach you, shoot me a PM. Jun 4, 2014
M Sprague
New England
[Hide Comment] YESSS! lol. I am mixed on the idea, personally, as there is good possible gear on much of the route and completely understand and sympathize with the view that Chris expressed. However,the fact that such a great line barely receives any ascents beyond Lee's and gets overgrown with lichen convinced me to help with the project. It being at Rumney, and not at another area was a big part of it. The vast majority of Rumney visitors are looking to get on the climbs for climbing sake and not placing gear. It is a small mecca for this style. Some bolts also allows for following the natural clean and dryer line instead of having to stick where the better gear might be. Attractive moss and plants can be left undisturbed. Many more people will be able to enjoy the route. It is a mixed bag for sure, but in balance I think the Rumney user group will enjoy it more with bolts. Remember, Alan is a dude who regularly speed free solos Cannon, so is no "weenie sport climber".
That being said, I am looking forward to climbing it on gear only at least once when it is cleaned up. MLevine, You could work on your trad skills by placing gear on this with the bolts backing you up.

If we are going to have much more discussion, it might be better to use the forum, but then again we will get swamped with trolls and opinions from people who haven't and never will climb at Rumney. Jun 4, 2014
M Sprague
New England
[Hide Comment] If it needed a triple set of cams it wouldn't be bolted. People seem to hate mixed gear routes at Rumney though. People come up and ask me to retro Retrospade (a mostly bolted route) all the time. I refuse because you can see what you need easily from the ground and it is easy to set up a TR after doing an easier route to its right. Misdemeanor is not a continuous crack all the way and the crack itself is usually wet on its lower part. I definitely wouldn't bolt it all up elsewhere, but if most people at the crag are saying Yay! and the FA wants it, I think it is alright in this case. People will be able to TR the direct version of Tunnel Zone after doing it too, which is cool. Jun 4, 2014
S. Neoh
[Hide Comment] Exactly what Mark said. I think final call rests with Alan in this case.
Just to be clear, I am not for putting in a bolt below the crack on Retrospade (besides Tom is against it the last time we spoke). And I am for leaving Sky Pilot as is (perhaps 1 to 3 pieces after the 3rd bolt), since the gear is good and straightforward. Jun 4, 2014
M Sprague
New England
[Hide Comment] Lee, the description will need an update when you get a chance. The bolts are all in and the anchor was replaced a few feet to the left to get it in more solid rock. It could still use a lot more cleaning, but I think the route received a couple dozen ascents this weekend and people seemed to be loving it. I climbed the crux bulge to the right (fun!), but Hillary Harris found an easier sequence using sidepulls to the left that makes it about 10b. The bolt protects both ways well.
beta for the top - Once you clip the last bolt, traverse left on the horizontal, then layback the nice arete until you can reach the incut jugs back right - more fun and avoids the thin moves you run into going straight up from the ledge on the right. Jun 9, 2014
lee hansche
goffstown, nh
[Hide Comment] I changed it up mark, feel free to make any other changes you'd like to see... Jun 9, 2014
Mike Robinson
Grand Junction, CO
[Hide Comment] Thanks for bolting this Mark, now many more can enjoy this great line! Jun 12, 2014
lee hansche
goffstown, nh
[Hide Comment] Some of the "many" will learn how to trad climb one day and become the "few" at that point they may realize it was nice to have a classic 5.10 that there wasnt a line for on a busy day ;) Jun 14, 2014
Jeffrey LeCours
New Hampshire
[Hide Comment] Barefoot leading on gear... like the grown ups :P Jun 14, 2014
john gregory
Lebanon, NH
[Hide Comment] i dont think anyone deserves a "misdemeanor" for making a route safer, cleaner, and more popular, BUT more importantly please remember "YOU DONT HAVE TO USE THE BOLTS!!" and if you're really hankering for unpopulated, dirty trad routes go to kinsman. Jul 7, 2014
S. Neoh
[Hide Comment] I climbed the bolted version today in spite of constant traffic on it most of the day. Nice climb. Will get better with traffic and the top cleans up (after the last bolt). The start was bone dry, pretty cool to be able to start the climb from the trail rather than the block for Rhinobucket.
Great bolt job!
I thought the difficulty is about the same as for Rhinobucket. A bunch of others thought the same too. We all were on it for the first time, on lead. Jul 12, 2014
[Hide Comment] Recently reclimbed and it has cleaned up well and is really down to a single crux. It feels way easier now. I don't even bother with the undercling. Jul 14, 2014
S. Neoh
[Hide Comment] You're too funny Ming! Wonderful to see you, your lovely wife, and adorable baby on Sat!! Everyone seems happy and enjoying life. Fantastic.
We traversed in from the right to end the climb just below the anchors, not unlike what I do on Rhinobucket (but that seems harder). I do not believe I grabbed anything that was loose or flexy. Eric and OM did not mention anything either.
Definitely not as hard as No Money Down or the roof of Bonehead Roof.
Jul 15, 2014
Jay Knower
Plymouth, NH
[Hide Comment] I climbed this route yesterday, and I think it's the best 5.10 in the Meadows. It should clean up to be a popular route...which is so much better than languishing in obscurity as a sketchy trad line. Aug 9, 2014
Russ Keane
Plymouth, NH
[Hide Comment] Cool line. Kind of grungy and physical. Cruxy part felt 10b. Jul 15, 2020
Colin Smith
Philadelphia, PA
[Hide Comment] Great Route. It's a damned shame there's support for its retrobolting. I clipped the first bolt and did the rest on gear. There's nothing sketchy about it. Why take one nice unique gem and blend it in with all the other scores of bolted 5.10s in this place? Shaking my head in disappointment. Not a trolling way. In a contemplative way that's worried about the future of rock climbing... Nov 15, 2020
Meredith, NH
[Hide Comment] Colin, before it was bolted it was always dirty and never climbed. This is Rumney after all, it is a sport climbing destination. There are very few people who come to Rumney with a rack. Nov 15, 2020
Eric Leclerc
[Hide Comment] Colin, the reason you called this climb a gem is the exact reason why it was bolted. just before it was, it looked like shit with 2 inches of corn flakes and lichen all over it just because there was one trad climber every 10 years going for it. Look at the status of that climb today and every climber can now enjoy it. You were also able to enjoy it because it is now clean and you didn't even have to clip the bolts. Nov 22, 2020